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  1. Abortion foes play the race card

    The Black Hole
    To try and get more blacks involved in the anti-abortion movement, the pro-lifers claim that abortion is a conspiracy to eliminate blacks. Black children are an endangered species Website If you check the website you see that, basically, they are using statistics that show a higher incidence...
  2. CBS: Double standards on Abortion, Hell, and Gays?

    The Black Hole
    CBS will be airing an anti-abortion commercial with Tim Tebow during the Super Bowl. However, CBS banned the, gay dating site, ad. In addition, they forced EA to change their Dante's Inferno tag line from "Go to Hell" to "Hell Awaits". CBS claims both ads were too provocative...
  3. Bishop bars Patrick Kennedy from Communion over abortion

    The Black Hole I guess the Catholic Church is not as welcoming as we thought.
  4. Abortion: The man should have a say, eh? Okie dokie.

    The Black Hole
    No abortion unless the man says it's ok. I don't think they should be able to work without his permission, either. Or drive a car. Or show skin in public. Or learn to read. Unless Mister says it's ok, obviously.
  5. And people complain about abortion????

    The Black Hole
    I just don't get it.
  6. McCain Question. (Abortion Debate)

    The Black Hole
    Ok. I am at the end of my rope with this guy. Is he or is he not pro-life?
  7. Verizon Rejects Texts of Abortion Rights Group

    The Black Hole OK, this is stupid for several reasons. Verizon is making a decision on what it deems to be offensive to its subscribers, even though the subscribers who might be offended won't be getting the texts. (it's opt-in only) Second, Verizon has...
  8. Women in Prison-a "partial birth" abortion issue for the left?

    The Black Hole
    Originally posted: April 11, 2006 Women in prison -- a "partial-birth" abortion issue for the left? El Salvador... has not only a total ban on abortion but also an active law-enforcement apparatus --- the police, investigators, medical spies... and a special division of the prosecutor's office...
  9. Sioux seeks abortion clinic - Balto Sun

    The Black Hole
    Wow. I give the Sioux Nation some serious creativity points. Sad when it has to go to this, but I am grateful that someone is willing to stand up for rape victims. I also understand that rape is a significant problem on the reservations (perhaps a misunderstanding?), so maybe they are responding...
  10. South Dakota House Votes To Ban Abortion

    The Black Hole
    State House's pass crazy stuff all the time. I will be surprised if it passes the Senate. However... given the way the US Supremem Court has been moving Right, it could be far more scary.
  11. I guess he wouldn't need to worry about abortion...

    The Black Hole
    I guess he wouldn't need to worry about birth control... Dr. David Hager, a Christian gynecologist and Bush Administration appointee to the FDA's Advisory Committee for Reproductive Health Drugs allegedly liked to bugger his wife without her consent...
  12. Abortion Discussion thread

    The Black Hole
    This seems to be a topic we can't/won't touch here and I understand why. Many people view it as murder, pure and simple. I'll tell you what I think. My wife and I are about to have our first baby (T- 14 days {27OCT04}). We have had many ultrasounds over the past 8+ months and this has given...