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    Is anyone running 8mm spacers without the hubcentric ring, with after-market wheels? Is there enough of the car's hub sticking through the centre of the spacer to still allow centering of the wheel/hub-ring?
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    Sorry total newb question but I can't seem to find the answer as easily as i thought i could. plans are: 19x8 with et35 and running 235/35/19's bought 8mm spacers for the front and 15mm for the rears. What size lugs go with these spacers? also if anyone knows: what type lug goes with...
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    edit: *NEGATIVE* CAMBER, sorry sorry... I installed 8mm H&R Trak+ spacers with the longer conical bolts on the rear of my 2003 GLS after discovering the inner sidewalls of my 235/40/18 Pirellis were rubbing the fender liner on speed bumps in parking lots. Enough rubbage caused one of the tires...
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    Info: 2003 Passat GLS, 235/40/18 Pirelli P-Zero Nero M+S, 18x8.5" Phaeton OEM wheels, H&R Trak+ 8mm spacers w/ longer conical bolts on rear only I installed a pair of the spacers mentioned above on the rear of my Passat last weekend to help with some rubbing issues I was experiencing. I just...
21-24 of 45 Results