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  1. Hi I'm Paul on my 6th VW

    New Member Introductions
    Hi I'm the noob posting 1st post. Portland, OR is the place and I have had a '64 beetle, a '63 convertable beetle, a '67 beetle we cut the top off, an '87 911 (kinda vw), a 2001 Passat which I have now and I'm selling because i have a '17 Golf Alltrack!
  2. WTB: Funk or Taxi button/switch or both (6th position)

    WTB/WTT Section
    Like the title says, name a fair price and funds will be in your PayPal account
  3. :: ECS Tuning :: Alzor Clearance 25% off select styles! Sale ends August 6th, 2017

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    From now until August 6th, 2017 save 25% on select Alzor wheels! Click HERE for your 5x100 Bolt Pattern Wheels Click HERE for your 5x112 Bolt Pattern Wheels
  4. 05 A4 1.8T mid-range acceleration in 5th and 6th gear seems slow...

    Anything Auto
    like the title says - it seems like the mid-range acceleration in my B6 is a bit off. I should be at the lower end of boost, but should easily be able to get into that area - but the acceleration seems a bit slower than normal. suggestions on what to check?
  5. FS: Proclip Sat. Radio Receiver 6th position mount

    Parts For Sale
    $10 + shipping This replaces the dummy 6th empty position, has a hole predrilled for a power wire to fit through and was a perfect mounting solution when I was using it for my SiriusXM portable unit. :thumbup:
  6. Think it may be time for a 6th turbo setup (comp turbo 5556 extended tip)

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    So it looks like my 60-1 may be on its way out (I'm getting oil seepage from around the turbine housing). So in the interest of experimentation and going faster i'm seriously considering picking up a journal bearing comp turbo CT3 5556 with a billet compressor w an extended tip upgrade. I can...
  7. FS: 6th Switch (including housing) - $35 shipped

    Parts For Sale
    Like it says, I have a B5/B5.5 6th switch (#3B0 959 561 - never used), the housing (#8L0 971 972), and the connecting wire. No need for it now, so it's yours for $35. First reply here gets it. Thanks!
  8. May 19th Shannonville Full Track event 6 - 9pm, 6th event of 2012!!!

    2012 6th lapping event (Shannonville Full Track) - May 19th, 6pm - 9pm, Saturday evening---- Signup Sheet Hi all drivers, We have the track 6pm - 9pm, Saturday cost will be $82 prepay Full Track Map We will have a short briefing prior to getting out on the track, followed...
  9. 6th Annual Harrisburg PA Toys for Tots - 11/6/11

    USA - East
    Sunday November 6, 2011 Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg 9am - 4pm more details here on facebook.... Harrisburg Area VW - AUDI Toys for Tots | Facebook In an effort to bring everyone up to date.... * there's been a Date Change from 2010 * there's been a Location Change from 2010 * the cruise has...
  10. June 4th Shannonville Full Track lapping event 2011, 6-9pm, 6th event of 2011!!

    2011 4th Touge Motorsports lapping event @ Shannonville Full Track – June 4th, 6:00 – 9:00 pm, Saturday evening Hello all drivers, We have the track Saturday evening from 6:00 – 9:00 pm booked, cost will be $82 of prepaid. No groups at Shannonville Full Track lapping Full Track Map We...
  11. Feeler:"FUNK" Button (6th position)

    Parts For Sale
    Well, it looks like my friend in Germany got me some "Funk" buttons for the 6th position for me. They are in route and should be here in 2 weeks. I will have 7 total. I don't know what the total cost would be until they arrive, but just wanted to see what the interest would be in them. Once they...
  12. Sports Car World Expo - Las Vegas - November 6th, 2010 Saturday

    Events & Gatherings
    For those that dont know me, I'm the organizer of the Big SoCal Euro Gathering's in San Diego to Los Angeles as well as the NorCal vs SoCal Euro events. I also the founder of The last couple of smaller events, we had over 600 cars each. The Big SoCal Euro Gathering event we do at...
  13. FS - Taxi switch (6th spot switch on dash)

    Classified Archive
    I have a taxi switch (for the sixth position on the dash) for sale.. complete with the rear part so it's plug and play. Can be hooked up to actuate anything... fogs, interior lights, sub box, under-car neon lighting :P.... whatever. Asking $60 shipped. PM me EDIT ITEM SOLD!!!
  14. PDX GTG version ? Saturday the 6th?

    USA - West
    anybody down? this will probably be the last time my wagon makes it to a gtg.
  15. Obama Uses Teleprompters During Speech To 6th Graders

    The Black Hole
  16. Sept 6th Mosport DDT lapping event. 2009-13th lapping event!

    2009 13th Track day - September 6th Mosport DDT Lapping event Signup sheet - Mosport DDT Lapping event - (Driver Development Track) Hello all drivers, Now, We're starting to build a list for the track day signup on the September 6th. All Beginners are welcome! We have the track...
  17. WTB: B5.5 Funk or Taxi button/switch (6th position)

    Classified Archive
    Hey everyone, I am looking for a FUNK button or a Taxi button for the 6th switch/button location. If you have one lying around, I will take it please. I am trying a little project. :wrench:
  18. September 6th, Bugout 66 (Manassas. VA)

    Events & Gatherings
    Old Dominion speedway in Manassas, VA. Show held rain or shine. Show car classes for AIR-WATER cooled including Audi. Large swap meet for both air and water cooled parts. New part vendors. Slalom event on the 3/8 mile oval. Miss Bugout contest. Three classes of 1/8 mile drags. Over 12 special...
  19. 6th Annual Grossman Tuning Show/GTG SUNDAY March 8th

    Events & Gatherings
    I copied as much useful info from our locall forums thread as possible. The link is at the bottom for ones that want to read it all. 6th Annual Grossman Tuning Car Show Where: Grossman Tuning, 830 S. First Street, Louisville, KY 40203 When: March 8th 2009 Starts: Noon. Registration starts...
  20. 6th Annual Grossman Tuning Car Show!

    Events & Gatherings
    6th Annual Grossman Tuning Car Show Where: Grossman Tuning, 830 S. First Street, Louisville, KY 40203 When: March 8th 2009 Starts: Noon. Registration starts at 10. More information to come. I will update this with more information periodically, so check it!!!