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    I'm doing a 5 speed swap in my BHW looking at clutch options for my car The whitebread set up is top notch no doubt! Probably the best choice this side of the pond but I don't want to invest too much into my work commuter car the 1.8t gasser flywheels work and are in the 20 some odd pound...
  2. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I blew the motor in my Passat I was wondering where I could find one for 6-700 dollars any ideas? please help guys
  3. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    The car has been running great since the timing belt was done. My gas mileage may be a bit better, I suspect primarily because I replaced my spark plugs (2 of which were gapped at .060 and one at .050) with new NGKs that are gapped at the OE .032. Tonight, about 600 miles into the change, I...
  4. New Member Introductions
    hey guys, ive been lurking for about 6 months now -- since i became a proud passat owner. I got the car for 600 bucks at 135xxx miles, it has some bumps and dents but theyre minor, the car ran well when i got it, all i needed to do is recharge the battery. So far repairs have been: battery...
  5. Mobile Electronics
    Are these too new to be had in the U.S. market? They look like they would be great replacement for B5.5 Double DIN, very OE look.
  6. Classified Archive
    I can't believe I am doing this.... Azev type A's 600 W/ basically new tires. 8.5 fronts 10 rears they need some love. buyer pays shipping
  7. Classified Archive
    Hi, The time has come to sell my Passat. My wife and I are the original owners, and we are both non smokers. It is an Indigo Blue with tan cloth interior 2000 GLS Sedan with V6 engine, 5 speed manual transmission, and front wheel drive. The vin # is WVWMD23B8YP360960. Options include...
  8. Anything Auto
    Price $249,000 Production -- Engine 3.6 liter horizontal-6 Weight -- Aspiration twin turbochargers Torque 611 lb-ft HP 602 hp HP/Weight -- HP/Liter 167.2 hp per liter 1/4 mile -- 0-60 mph 3.1 seconds Top Speed 212 mph
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    Hey guys, I have 3 brand new in the box KINETIK HC 600 batteries for sale. I have all receipts and will let them go for a fair price. They retail for $199.99 each, These are very popular and hard to come by. These are great as a backup battery for audio systems. Same specs as an optima...
  10. Wheel and Tire Forum
    all over ebay when u search em are they any good?
  11. Classified Archive
    thats right im looking to buy either a nice set of rims, a chip, rims and tires, for UNDER 600 or 600 plus shipping plz either post or pm me or if u have a good CAI under 100. and is it easy to install oh yea and any dv's pm me also haha
  12. Classified Archive
    in pretty good condition minor curbage etc just need some good rimsss and willing to get rid of my stock rims and bridgestone tires
  13. The Showroom
    The SFLGTG (South Florida Get Together) #16 was unbelievable! Thanks to all who came out in force to make this such an amazingly successful event. We do it for you, and couldn't do it without you. Passats were well-repped, and the air-coolers really came out in force this year; it was such a...
  14. Anything Auto
  15. Classified Archive
    Lookin to buy a set of clean 18'' wheels for around 600 for B5 tires if possible but will definately settle for just the wheels..Like to buy within the week
  16. Dyno Forum
    Ok guys, check this sheet out!!!! You might remember me from this thread So i got 138hp to the wheels and was pretty sad (not anymore now i understand!) Anyway, i downloaded the ProScan v5 and it is a good way of reseting the CEL and...
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    Dark blue with tan leather interior. Automatic trans with tipronic, power steering, brakes, door locks, windows, heated mirrors, sunroof, heated seats, traction control, cruise control, 6 CD changer, monsoon stereo, rear defogger, Cold AC, full unused spare tire, rear sun shade. New...
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    **Please delete thread**
  19. The Showroom
    I finally had a chance to post up my pics from this year's SFLGTG: For the full gallery - roughly 64 here: What a great event! Thanks to all of my fellow organizers who worked endlessly to make this show a success - to the many...
  20. Classified Archive
    Selling JL Audio 10" in Box with Sony Xplod Amp for $225.(Shipping Not Included) Not even a year old. Please email me for pictures. Email me at [email protected] HPF/LPF It's a mistake to send door-mounted mids the lowest bass...