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    Anybody got pics of a B5.5 Variant wearing the 17" Audi A4 Sport 5-spokes? I tried searching but only saw either b5.5 sedans or b5's. I'm thinking of stealing the wife's rims. EDIT: B6 Audi A4 Sport 5-spokers
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    I made them on autodesk Inventor. I am a first year CAD major and I made these today while I was bored. I will make some really cool ones as soon as I learn some more features of the program.
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    I'm selling a set of Audi 17" 5-Spoke wheels with 235/45/17 tires. The wheels are 17x7.5", 45mm offset, 5x112 bolt pattern, came off a 2005 Audi A4 Cabriolet. Condition of the wheels: EXCELLENT! No bends or curb rashes, only a couple of tiny nicks from road debri. Paint is shiny, no...
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    I have stock 16inch 7-spoke VW alloys on my 98 1.8T. I currently have an option on some Audi 17inch 5 spokes. I know that they fit re bolts etc (thankyou VAG!) but just wondered if anyone has tried???
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    I just got new 17” wheels, so I am selling my 16” wheels and tires. The tires are 205/55VR16 Continental ContiExtreme Contacts (see: Tire Rack). The wheels are 16x7 cast aluminum alloy, 5-spokes from a 1998 Audi A4. I am including the original Audi center caps as well as a set of close-fitting...
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    Where did you find VW center caps to fit??!! I'm going insane trying to track some down. Any help greatly appreciated!