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  1. Class Or Crass? 2015 Mercedes Benz C Class Estate (56k pepper your angus)

    Anything Auto"]Worldcarfans[/URL] I like it (aside from that retarded stereo/sat nav setup) Dare I say this is the first car where...
  2. F/S: Part Out Thread B5.5, W8, S4, etc. 56k beware!

    Parts For Sale
    Well guys.. it's a sad day for me. Bought myself a Mazdaspeed3 and the Passat is going back to stock. So everything I have is going up for sale. And I mean.. everything. ALL PRICES NEGOTIABLE! AWM Valve Cover Gasket $25 SHIPPED 1.8T 5AT TIP FILTER + GASKET + DRAIN/REFILL PLUGS $40 SHIPPED...
  3. Motor Trend 2011 Best Drivers Car Competition (Possible Pic Overload, No 56k)

    Anything Auto
    Laguna Seca lap records - Lexus LFA: 2011 Motor Trend Best Driver's Car Contender Lexus LFA - 2011 Motor Trend Best Driver's Car Contender - Motor Trend ABOUT BEST DRIVER'S CAR What makes a great driver's car? Is it brute performance? Or gut-wrenching grip? What about...
  4. Hello - 1st VW, Passat B5 1.8t 56k

    New Member Introductions
    Hi, all, basically joined to find expertise and information on my car when I need it! Adam
  5. Pictures From Canepa Design Facilities Studio (56k No Way, Also Major Drool Warning)

    Anything Auto
    SingleLens/Canepa Design Tour/114SLR_7922 SingleLens/Canepa Design Tour/119SLR_7929 SingleLens/Canepa Design Tour/070SLR_7864 SingleLens/Canepa Design Tour/079SLR_7877 SingleLens/Canepa Design Tour/085SLR_7882 SingleLens/Canepa Design Tour/125SLR_7949 SingleLens/Canepa Design...
  6. Took my new shoes out for a walk last night - 56K nah...

    The Showroom
    Got my A8L Monoblocks on and decided to take a few night shots of my baby. Yeah, I'm whorin it up, I haven't posted a pic of my car in a loooong time :oh: That is all :P
  7. Finally: Ebay FMIC here it isssss (56k u should have broadband by now)

    The Showroom
    As title states, Ebay FMIC to supplement my K04 PC-16 Build. I went with 2.25" piping since i'm only going K04. Overall Boost pressure did not drop, still boost peak at 18psi and hold 17psi. CXRacing Core: 27"x6"x2.5" (2.5" Inlet/Outlet) Bar and Plate Intercooler (83$ shipped) Tubing: 2.25"...
  8. Cars And Coffee: Orlando Edition (458 Italia Content) 56k beware!

    Anything Auto
  9. Some pics from Legends of Motorsports event at Mont-Tremblant today - 56k Beware

    Anything Auto
    Hey guys I was at the Legends of Motorsports event today and saw some pretty cool cars. For those of you who don't know anything about the event, here's some info: And the pics I took: And now for something very special that I would have never thought to see at an event...
  10. Dana Point Concours d'Elegance June 27th 2010 (This thread is no friend of 56k)

    Anything Auto
    To see the rest of the photos head over to ________________________ I try to keep the score even, for every M8 post, I post an autoshow thread. :P
  11. Feeler: 99 Candy White Passat V6 with 56k

    Classified Archive
    The car was brought last July from a senior citizen who was sole owner of the car and replaced it with a new Passat. The car had 46K and since then have put on almost another 10K on it going to and from work in town. It runs sweet and has no defects except the material cover to the arm rest...
  12. Audi Ingolstadt Factory Tour, Prepare Yourself! (56k, Go Read A Bedtime Story...)

    Anything Auto
    (Not My Story, Lifted From TCL) _____________________ I studied abroad in France this spring semester (Aix-en-Provence, specifically. If you haven’t heard of it before, research it, truly amazing place) and needless to say did a lot of traveling. As a big car guy, I was most excited about...
  13. DIY HID it all headlight assembly for my buddy's GLI 56K go fly a kite

    Anything Auto
    Well my buddy wants to HID all the light bulbs on his FK headlights. Yes that means 3 HID kits for a total of 6 ballasts, H7 X 2 @ 4300K and H3 @ 3000K for the fogs. So here I was installing the HID capsules and figuring where I will start to drill and pass some wiring. He is an idiot when it...
  14. Fall Season PW Canuck Nightime GTG PhotoShoot. (56K, don't even think about it!!!)

    The Showroom
    We decided to have a GTG before old man winter showed his face. We shot 200+ pics, here are quite of a few of them! :D Enjoy! ;)
  15. Rust fixing adventure! (56k Beware!)

    The Showroom
    Hey guys. I finally decided to fix the rust (car cancer as I like to call it) on my car. Here's some before pics of the damage: And the only semi-good one I have the hood damage (the damage is a lot more severe you can see further down where we sand blasted the rust): Now onto the...
  16. Westchester Photoshoot - 56K, No Way

    The Showroom
    Me, Axle2234, and DeathKing... We got lucky with really nice weather, and I think most of these came out pretty well. I know Axle2234 has more shots, so hopefully he'll post them up here :thumbup: Location: SUNY Purchase; Westchester, NY Our two failed...
  17. Two Pics, Two Words (not 56K friendly)

    Anything Auto
    (Been wanting to take pics of this in the work parking lot for a long time...) Ha Ha
  18. passat and mk2 photo shoot 56k beware

    The Showroom
  19. Official Waterfest 15 Picture Thread (56k, no way) The best of Sunday version

    The Showroom
    Nice Ass Black Wagon on staggered 20's with a full votex ..NICE! ;) Nice Silver B6 Wagon Nice Jetta WTF WTF a jetta/audi Dont it look like the tape is hold the grill on ....