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    I traded in my passat and have no use for these wheels. I got a total of 5 rims(WITH NO TIRES). 4 out of 5 rims are bent-with one not holding air. It can be fixed-no cracks or anything of that sort. 3 of the rims-I have to point out where the bends are-but like I said-1 is not holding air. The...
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    I got these off my 2001.5 VW Passat that I traded in today. Cannot ship-sorry!! Also got this for sale from my car:
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    I'm trading in my Passat and I'm selling my 6 CD Changer and Monster Mats. All is in mint condition! I'm in NYC,NY and work in Brooklyn. I'm looking to get $150 for the CD Changer $40 for the Monster Mats-I'll also throw in a S2000 Short Antenna. It would be great if you can pick-up,since I...