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  1. im new in the group. with a passat v6 4mo 2003 with lots of problems :(

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    hey guys, i love the car, the look, how it drives, but hot dang ive only had it 2 weeks and its unusable. uses about a liter of gas every 3.6km or 8.4mpg. im still trying to find out whats wrong. Im going to have to dig in this place. Thank you so much for accepting me into your community...
  2. '02 4Mo GLX Wagon, Front ABS/WSS "depth"

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Can anyone tell me how far away from the ring the sensor is supposed to sit? or how much space there should be (exposed silver part)? I had swapped the ABS/WSS and now I have the ABS kick on at the very end of braking......which from what anyone has told me has to do with the sensor being too...
  3. 2.8l v6 4mo syncro -98 rear subframe

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Does anybody have any idea if the rear subframe will fit from other 4motion vw's from same era ?
  4. Vw passat b5 v6 4mo syncro

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    Have been looking around the internet if the 1.8t 4mo rear subframe is compatible for my car, anyone has any idea ?
  5. 2002 GLX 4Mo Wagon Fuel Pump Location

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Car turns over but won't start after running fine the day before, so I figured the 1st thing I'd check is that the fuel pump is getting power. Except I'm not seeing what I see in every YouTube video and other posts on this forum. There should be an access cover for it behind the passenger side...
  6. B5.5 Passat 4Mo 2.8L - Help ABS Light on, Cruise WORKS, no other lights, no OBD codes

    B5 Garage
    B5.5 Passat 4Mo 2.8L - Help ABS Light - UPDATED So I have done a lot to this adopted car in the last three weeks and she is running very well. Done so far: VCGs Plugs Purge Valve PVC Check Valve Fixed broken vacuum hoses Camshaft position sensor ECT sensor 2x1 O2 sensor Cleaned PCV hoses...
  7. I Need a manual 4Mo transmission for an '04. Can I source an Audi tranny?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I'm hoping someone who knows these cars better than I do can help me. I've got a an '04 B5.5 4Motion sedan with a manual transmission, 120k miles, and there's a rotational noise that was recently diagnosed at the shop as likely coming from a bad bearing in the transmission. It's not really...
  8. Free B5 2.8 4Mo Tip Trans, Free B5 wagon body parts, DFW only.

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    Free trans from my B5 4Mo wagon. Code is EKD. Works fine but has had a 50 rpm flare between Tip shifts for 50K. 162K total on trans. Has also started leaking at rear and side differentials. Pickup only, not worth shipping. Only getting rid of free body parts from the donor car right now, good...
  9. WTB: 4mo suspension

    WTB/WTT Section
    Basically just need something to get the car rolling again. I would prefer coilovers but that’s a long shot. If someone has stock 4mo suspension I’d be happy to take it at this point, kinda in a hurry to get this thing off jack stands as I have to move it. I would prefer full struts with the...
  10. Replaced Front Pads. No pressure afterwards. 2004 V6 4mo

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hey All. My daughter got her license earlier this week so I'm getting my old passat ready for her. (2004 V6 4motion) Yesterday was 4 new tires and today was going to be new pads. Been doing my own brakes for 30 years and never ran into this. (first time doing a VW though) The brakes were...
  11. 02 v6 4mo broken coil spring - suggestions?

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    HI, as stated, I have a 02 v6 4mo with broken coil springs on the front drivers side. Dealership quoted me a laughable price for all new strut assembly which is obviously out of the question as the car has over 170k on the clock. I see that gabriel and osc both sell complete strut...
  12. 2002 Passat GLX 4Mo Wagon- Places to find ignition active wires

    B5 Garage
    I will be adding a second battery with a relay isolator. I'd like to know of the locations of lines that are active only when the engine is on (not just accessory). It seems the norm is to put the relay isolator in the engine bay, so I'm guessing I'll have to tap into something in the fuse box...
  13. Auto/Manual Transmission swap on 2.5 4MO Passat

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    Hello everybody, I've recently bought my 4th Passat, this time my choice landed on a V6 AKN engine(4Motion), The guy before me had it swapped, from automatic to manual transmission, but with no changes on the ECU/TCM codings, as i first step, I unplugged the TCM, then recoded ECU to manual...
  14. Hello! 2002 GLX Wagon 4-Mo Old Member New Name

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    Hey, I somehow lost track of my old user account. So I signed up for a new one. I have owned my Passat since 2006. I bought it with 32k miles and it now has 140k more. I have always loved the car as it checks all the boxes for me.
  15. 2003 2.8 4mo Wagon

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    I just picked up an 03 2.8 4mo wagon with a shade over 61,000 miles last week for $2400. No issues so far other than a code for the bank 1 O2 sensor, which I'm assuming, based on a few threads, is a small exhaust leak or something; nothing major. It's bone stock and needs some loving, so...
  16. New member introduction 1.8t 4mo 5pd

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    Hi everyone Long time lurker of passat world here but finally joining as I recently found myself the new owner of a 2005 Passat wagon gls 1.8t 4motion 5speed manual. Joining because I plan on building this car out. I'm a long time vdubber and vortex member along with presently owning 4 VWs...
  17. B5.5 GLX 4mo WAGON rear seat bench removal

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I've read several posts about B5s and Sedans, but after searching extensively I still can't get a good handle on how to remove the rear seat bench cushions from a B5.5 (2005) GLX 4mo WAGON.
  18. 4mo rear suspension strut 'hats'

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Quick question for those that have done the rear struts on the 4motion. I've re-assembled my first strut, but the 'hat' is sitting a bit cock-eye'd. Is that normal? Or is the hat tweaked? I can't remember what it looked like when i took it out of the car. :/ You can really tell when you...
  19. 4mo wagon TCM/MFS problem

    B5 Garage
    Hello All, So as the title states I am haveing issues with my 02 v6 Passat 4mo automatic transmission. In order to show what I got on the first VCDS scan it is below. Monday,22,May,2017,19:39:18:49893 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 8 x64 VCDS Version: (x64)...
  20. 4mo placement compatibility

    B5 Garage
    Hi all! My buddy is buying a 2004 passat 4mo auto. The tranny is supposedly bad. There are several tranny codes for the 4mo. Can any of these from any b5.5 be swapped in? Can i swap just the tranny or also the TCM? If i also swap the TCM, does that mean i can put any b5.5 4mo? Thanx for...