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    The pictures are them compared to my redtops I had in there before. But from what ive read online theese are suposed to have the best idle compared to green tops and the old perfered green goants that replaced the green tops. Any one on here using them? I found a guy on youtube with then on...
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    So I've been running APR Stage 3 (the full kit) for a few years now, and I have not been satisfied with the software. My local shop is a Unitronic dealer and he is pushing me to get the 440cc tune. Being it is already a STG 3 with APR front mount, the only things I would need to upgrade are the...
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    on my 99 passat just want to replace mines. looking for reasonable price. maybe someone parting there car out or something ill just keep this open hope someone comes knocking on my door.
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    Hey guys this is my first post :thumbup: I'm looking for a minimum 440cc injectors for my 1.8t. They must be able to accommodate a GT28RS turbo upgrade. I've looked around and can't find anything below $320 for a set. Anyone know any for less? Thanks!
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    Im looking for a set of 440cc injectors for my AEB engine.
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    So, here's the deal: '99 AEB, GIAC chip, N75j valve, good for 17psi on the stock K03. I'm running into light amounts of knock timing retard at WOT. Instead of pulling the boost back (which is just plain no fun), I would like to instead give the engine the fuel it's asking for, and make a bit...
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    Closed: 440cc green top injectors $150 NOT FOR SALE
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    (4) Green Top 440cc Fuel injectors $220shipped get them now before they go on ebay for more