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  2. Anything Auto
    The new car can count on an extremely low weight-to-power ratio of just 2.45 kg per hp thanks to a low dry weight of just 1250 kg - 100 kg less than the standard F430 – and to the naturally-aspirated 4308cc V8’s 510 hp at 8500 rpm
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    8) Not very streetable (no torque below 4000 rpm), but damn fast! This car should have been at the European Car 1.8T challenge!
  4. Anything Auto
    Look at the Enzo inspired tail lights! :(
  5. Anything Auto
    4,3L V8 450 BHP MY2005
  6. Anything Auto
    Any suggestions as to what to look for? Speficic things to enjoy, notice, drool over? Don't worry its not for me, its for my in-laws. Just doing my son-in-law duties while they are on vacation and the dealer is getting a new shipment of SC's in. Its the least I can do. :D
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    Hey all, I know alot of the benz wheels work for the b5 5 x 112 et35 set up, Anyone know for sure if the 16" wheels from a clk 430 transfer without hassle? (non amg) the part number is (KBA43871) but i haven't found anything out...thanks
1-9 of 10 Results