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  1. FS: 42DD high flow stainless steel CAT.

    Parts For Sale
    for sale is a part i had planned to put onto my car, but.... well... i sold it (the car). LOL it's a 42 Draft Designs high flow OEM fitment catalytic converter. if you go to stage 2, they require you to typically have a high flow cat, or a test pipe, and this will be the best solution as it is...
  2. FS: NIB, 42DD Coolent Hose Temp Sending Coupler (Silver) With VDO Sender

    Parts For Sale
    Purchased from 42 Draft Design, never installed. If your adding a secondary H2O temp gauge, this billet inline coupler with supplied VDO sender is a simple solution. $47 + ship.
  3. Need help installing oil pressure gauge using a 42DD relocation kit

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Which port do I use on the oil filter housing?
  4. FS: 20mm 42DD spacers - $50

    Parts For Sale
    20mm, 42DD quality, 5x112 bolt pattern, only $50! :beer: only test fitted 0 miles!
  5. FS: 42dd designs adapters. 5x112 to 5x120

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    I have a set of barely used 42 draft designs adapters with bolts, studs, and lugs 5x112 -> 5x120 18mm mount your corvette or bmw wheels up $150 a pair brand new minus shipping. I'm looking for $225 shipped I also have 2 25mm adapters as well - $95 shipped
  6. WTB: 42DD Pillar Pod

    Parts For Sale
    Need one, color doesn't matter, must be for pillar with airbag.
  7. 42DD Triple gauge panel installation?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Ok so I bought this for the gauges I ordered (glowshift boost, oil temp, oil pressure). In their instructions it shows the mounting bracket for the gauges to be straight with the panel. On my gauges they are angled. So I'm curious what some of you did to mount it into the dash? Do you have any...
  8. WTB 42DD pillar pod

    Classified Archive
    I'm looking for the 42 Draft Designs A-pillar(without the air bag) single gauge pod for a 99 passat in gray cloth. I have a gauge, just looking for the pod. Or if anyone knows who makes a similar product, I'd be interested to learn about it.
  9. alternatives to the 42DD oil pressure sender relocation kit?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I'm attempting to add an oil pressure gauge to my 99 1.8T AEB. Gauge is mounted in the double steering column pod right next to my boost gauge. Gauge is all wired up ready to go, except for installing the sender itself. I want to use the "blank" above the oil filter on the oil cooler housing...
  10. 42DD oil sender relocation kit

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I'm gonna be instaling my Oil Pressure and Temp senders for my gauges this weekend and i got the 42 Draft Dimensions oil sender relocation kit. The hose is quite short, and it seems that mounting it on the firewall is going to be a bit of a hassle, anyone come up with a better place to mount...
  11. 42DD Triple Gauge Aluminum Panel and Gauges

    Classified Archive
    42DD Triple Aluminum Gauge Panel and Gauges. Boost, Oil Temp and Oil Pressure. Come with all the hardware to install. $SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD shipped. Paypal verified member. Ryan
  12. AWE Vs. 42DD

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    HEy guys, whats the difference between the AWE gauges and the 42DD ones? The AWE gauges are waay more expensive then the 42dd ones? Yes, the AWE ones have LEDs in them..but should that make them that much more 981.8T
  13. Tip for installing 42DD boost gauge tubing

    B5 Garage
    Yesterday, I started to install a VDO Vision boost gauge from 42DraftDesigns. I ran into an obstacle right from the start - I couldn't get the tubing to fit over the barb on the T that splices into the vacuum hose. 42DD's tubing is a fairly stiff plastic and doesn't have the elasticity to...
  14. 42DD A-Pillar pod . . . does it fit all VWs? Now installed!

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hey Everyone, A while back I bought a used 42DD carpeted A-pillar pod and VDO gauge off the classifieds. The person that I bought it off of had an MKIV (golf?). Do you know if the A-Pillar pod is the same for all VWs? I want to install this tomorrow. Do you think I will have a fitment...