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  1. Parts For Sale
    18/17in c5 wagon wheels $385 full set with caps mint or trade SUFFOLK WILL TRADE FOR 5X100 WHEELS
  2. Parts For Sale
    05 audi 5x112 sport wheels $350 or trade
  3. Parts For Sale
    APR Fully Loaded ECU Stage 1+ with Stock, 91 octane, 93 octane and Race Fuel tunes. The ECU also has a fault code eraser, the rear o2 delete so you can run a test pipe, and it has an immobilizer delete so you can use it in your car by simply plugging it in. The part number is 4B0 906 018 DP...
  4. Parts For Sale
    Lightly used, 1 slightly bent lip and a nick or two on some of the wheels. I bought these off a member here but never got a chance to mount them. Size: 16x9 Offset: et15 Weight: ~20lbs Bolt Pattern: 5x112 Hub Bore: 66.6 Tires: 205/55-16 (I wouldn't recommend running them though) Price is $350...
  5. Parts For Sale
    I just purchased this wheel from a member on Vortex, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I can no longer afford to buy what's needed for the swap. I'm asking for $350 shipped OBO. The wheel is in pristine condition. Part number is 3C8 419 091 AKE74.
  6. Parts For Sale
    Not mine but I saw it and thought there maybe some interest here. VW Passat 2.8 V6 Engine / Motor
1-6 of 53 Results