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  1. 331 STROKER: ENGINE PORN (56K may die)

    Anything Auto
    As promised yesterday, I began the task of buttoning up the engine. Enjoy the progressive pictures: All rockers have been adjusted and locked down ( hyd. roller are adjusted 3/4 turn after play is taken out of the pushrod ). Intake manifold: all water passages silicone'd on both sides...
  2. 331 is 1/2 Painted (PICS)

    Anything Auto
    Yesterday was a beautiful and very warm day in Sunnyvale so with a can of Jasco, Grey and Blue engine paints, I got 1/2 the engine painted on Friday: Note the brass plugs are only placed on the holes just to get an idea of the final look of brass on blue.
  3. A 331 in my future... :)

    Anything Auto For those of you who know parts: 4340 Forged Steel Crank 3.25" stroke, chamfered oil holes and balanced...