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  1. FS Two Hifonics 12" OLM1612 3200 Watts RMS Together

    Misc for Sale
    I have two subwoofers I have been trying to sell see if my luck will work here. The model is OLM1612. They are 1600 Watts RMS each. 12" Dual 2 Ohm Olympus Series Subwoofer Power Handling: Peak: 3200 watts RMS: 1600 watts Impedance: Dual 2 ohms Price: $100 Picked Up Shipped: $180
  2. Parrot 3200 Bluetooth installs

    Mobile Electronics
    Can anyone post some pics of their setup? Mine is on the way and would like to get some ideas on where to put it in my 02 W8. Thanks ahead of time. I purchased my W8 last week and am pumped to get this iinstalled! *first post* :beer:
  3. Screaching Noise at 3200

    B5 Garage
    My 1.8t makes a screaching noise at 3200-3300, ALWAYS when the car is cold and I've heard it a few times when I think it was almost at 190. New steering belt, new timing belt. It's so consistant at exactly 3200-3300 rpm.. like clockwork... Sure sounds like a belt squeal or even a (loud!)...
  4. Engine whine between 2500 and 3200 RPM

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    No, it's not the turbo spooling. It kind of sounds like that though, or the whine you get from a ground loop in an audio system. It goes up in pitch as the RPM's increase, then just vanishes. If I rev the engine, I hear it as the RPMs go up and then again as they come back down, but just in...