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  1. 2.0tsi motor parts

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    Hello all, I have available some parts from a motor I purchased through craigslist that was unfortunately seized up...... Torque converter 50$ Engine harness 150$ A/c compressor 100$ Intake hoses 75$ A/c bracket 25$ Alternator/bracket combo 50$
  2. VW Passat CC ECU Chip/Tuning Software - 2.0TSI / 3.6L FSI - by Unitronic

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    ------ VW Passat CC ECU Chip/Tuning Software by Unitronic ------ Looking for the ULTIMATE ECU Performance Upgrade for your VW Passat CC? Regardless of your car's generation, you've stumbled into the right thread! This will be the "go-to" thread for all Unitronic Engine ECU products for the...
  3. FS: 2.0TSI Carbonio Stage 1 & 2 - CCTA + Passat Bracket

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    SOLD Getting rid of my Carbonio Stage 1 & 2. Excellent condition. You get: 1 x Carbonio Intake - 2.0 TSI CCTA 1 x 2.0 TSI Carbonio Stage II Intake Back Pipe 1 x Bracketry for Passat/CC/Tiguan 4 x T-bolt clamps ($18 value) This package costs $485usd shipped via APR. Asking $400...
  4. Looking for chrome exhaust finishers for 2.0TSI

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    Hello everyone, Anyone know where I can buy some nice chrome exhaust finishers (preferrably in Canada, to avoid exchange&customs) for my 2.0 TSI Passat? I assume they may be avialable through the VW dealer but that is probably not the cheapest or best alternative. Thanks.
  5. issue on the gas pedal of my 2.0TSI Variant

    B6 Garage
    Hello! This is Aron from Hong Kong. Currently I am using a 2008 Passat Variant with 2.0TSI Tip. Recently I found that when I press the gas pedal to around 2500rpm to 3000rpm, the rpm will go up and down several hundred rpm and I can hear the diverter valve goes open and close also. ( I am sure I...
  6. 2008 Passat 2.0TSI radiator fans always high!

    B6 Garage
    Hi, I have this problem on my new 2.0TSI passat, when you I turn it on in the morning, both radiator fan turns on althought it is still cold, they remain on all the time until I turn of the car. I wonder what could be the problem. Apprecaite your help. Many Thanks