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    ok so my brother and i have been working on bringing back to life this 1984 quantum my bro bought and the rear drivers wheel is drivering my nuts :rolleyes:, when we started we replaced the back drums wheels cyclinders bearings brake shoes. once we were finished we took it for a ride and you and...
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    More at Bring a Trailer
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    I saw this beauty on Sunday: The problem is, my fiance and I just bought a house. The payment is only $40 more a month than our rent payment was, but we still have a ton of expenses. The $8k tax credit was used up on the...
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    **EDIT** Bought it on 11 Oct. Pics in later posts. :thumbup: With winter fast approaching, we've decided to pick up an AWD/4X4 vehicle to add to the fleet :icon_eek: and are looking at a bunch of different options. For cost and simplicity's sake, we're staying around $1500, (manual...
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    I have this BMW I am checking out and have ran the VIN which came back fine. The guy is selling it for $2999.00 and I offered $2700.00. This car is for AutoCross and some daily driving. He is a BMW Tech and took the engine block and rebuilt with all new parts. Here is the list. Rocker shaft...
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    How the hell would you do 0-60 in 2.5 seconds in that little thing and not fly out of control? <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:<HR> 1984 HONDA CRX  (468 Cubic Inch Supercharged V8)   Owner/Builder Eddie of Rockville Center, NY  Curb Weight 3200 lbs (stock CRX is about 1800 lbs)  Powertrain Front...
1-6 of 8 Results