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    Okay so I just got a 2001 passat and it has 16" on it now. I want to get 18" wheels but I need to know what tire sizes I can put on that will fit. I don't want them to look stretched and I will be lowering it eventually so they need to fit. Help?
  2. Wheel and Tire Forum
    I just recently bought these wheels to put on my 2002 Passat and being a weekend I managed to install them today. Everything went smooth and the wheels fitted perfectly by using the stock bolts. Here is some info on the wheels: Rim Manufacturer: Speedline Rim Width: 7.5J Rim Structure: One...
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    MELBOURNE: ORIGINAL GOLF R32 OEM ZOLDER 7.5Jx18H2ET51 WHEELS IN FITZROY inspections welcome, location is fitzroy, side of brunswick street. condition is according to photos but i invite to to inspect them as there is nothing like judging condition in real life. scratch marks are there but...
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    MODERATORS: Please delete THIS post .. THANKS!
1-5 of 6 Results