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  1. 2008 3.6 4Motion - 16x7 et48

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    Looking to get some snow tires for my new passat, and found these locally. Trying to get some clarification if they will fit. Ran them through at willtheyfit and I'm ok with the 2% speed differential. It looks like inset and outset are good as well (although they probably wont look as good). My...
  2. FS: 4 16x7 BBS RX1s w/tires(sort of), STL METRO area

    Parts For Sale
    FS: 4 16x7 BBS RX1s w/tires(sort of), STL METRO area **SOLD** 16x7 BBS RX1s 5x112 Bolt pattern, ET42, fits 98 passat, and b5 etc. The Good: BBS' DAWG, 16x7 good for autocross...or something. The Bad: Some pitting, pictures show the worst of it, can't see it from 3 feet away. 2 tires have a...
  3. FS: MB Motorsports 16x7 "Drifter" - Near mint with lugs and rings - CHEAP!

    Parts For Sale
    16x7 4x100/114 ET38 MB Motorsports "Drifter" Alloys Used one season as winter wheels. Near mint. Few tar spots. Come with 12x24mm tuner Lugs and hubcentric rings for MK3 fitment Perfectly straight with no bends, cracks, etc Perfect Winter Wheels! $250
  4. FS: 16x7, 5x112 Montreal Wheels

    Parts For Sale
    I'm selling a set of 16" Montreal wheels that came on my B5 waggie when I bought it. **CAVEAT** 2 of the wheels are bent on the inside and have been like that since I bought the car. They aren't cracked and can be repaired but I'm not spending the $$ on a set of wheels I'll never use. Wheels...
  5. NEW 16x7 aluminum wheels 5x112 $200 Chicago

    Parts For Sale
    Brand new set of 4 wheels, was gonna use these for winters but just ended up driving on what was on it, local pickup preferred, will ship though
  6. FS: Enkei RS6 16x7 38mm offset

    Parts For Sale
    These were on my 98 Passat. Fit great and look ok, but I'd rather have 15" steel wheels since I'm not interested in paying more money for tires. $100 OBO Rubber is bad on 3 and 4th tire has 75-80% tread. Here's what they look like new...
  7. FS: Set of OEM 16x7 Catalunya wheels/tires

    Parts For Sale
    I'm looking to sell the set of OEM Catalunya wheels that I took of my CPO '07 Passat. The tires are essentially brand-new OEM Michelin Pilot HX MXM4, since they were replaced before the car was certified. TPMS included. Asking $1000. Price is pretty firm. PM me if you are interested... Pics...
  8. WTB: 2000 Passat 16X7 oem rim - SW Michigan (part no 3B0601025GZ31)

    WTB/WTT Section
    One of mine is cracked :mad: Don't need the center cap. Can p/u in Chicago. Thanks!!
  9. :: ECS Tuning :: OEM 16" Steelies - 5x112 / 16x7 / et42 - Get Ready for Winter !!!

    Vendor Marketplace
    :: ECS Tuning :: OEM 16" Steelies - 5x112 / 16x7 / et42 - Get Ready for Winter !!! Click HERE to order or for more information. OEM 16" Steelies (set of 4) - $319.95 5x112 / 16x7 / et42
  10. FS: 5x112 A6 5 spoke wheels 16x7

    Classified Archive
    Wheel pics For sale are 4 - 5x112 - 16x7 wheels in somewhat decent shape. Tires are 205/55 and are pretty much shot or near end of life. Prefer local pick-up and willing to travel a few miles to meet/drop off. Asking price was originally $325 and have had no takers in the low $200s...
  11. FS: B5.5 Road America Wheels 16x7

    Classified Archive
    Awesome condition. Comes with lug bolts. 2 tires need replacement within 1000 miles or so. The other 2 are pretty new. Maybe 5k miles on them so far. The offset is et37 and bolt pattern is 5x112. Won't sell individually- they all go. I'm asking 300 obo for local pickup and 300 + shipping...
  12. FS: OEM 16" Adelaid Wheels - 16x7 ET45 - TPMS - Holly, MI 48442

    Classified Archive
    For sale are a set of 4 16" VW Adeliad Wheels off my wife's Eos. These came with the car back in August 2008 and were used last winter. Condition is VERY clean with the exception of a few lil nicks on 2 of the rims. Specs are: VW OEM Adelaid Wheels 16x7J ET45 5x112 4x Center Caps 4x TPMS...
  13. :: ECS Tuning :: OEM 16" Steel Wheels - 16x7 - et42 - Limited Quantities Available !!

    Vendor Marketplace
    :: ECS Tuning :: OEM 16" Steel Wheels - 16x7 - et42 - Limited Quantities Available !! Click HERE to order or for more information. OEM 16" Steel Wheels - 16x7 - et42 - $132.15 (set of 4)
  14. FS VW Passat Wheels and Falken ZE912 Tires 16x7 5x112 +37

    Classified Archive
  15. Feeler: WTB set of 16x7 "Vancouver" B5 rims

    Classified Archive
    Like the title says, I'm curious if anyone has or knows of a set of Vancouvers for sale. I've always liked the look of them and am thinking of dedicating our blah Wellingtons to winter tire duty... would like a set of Vancouvers for summer tires. Cheers!
  16. FS/FT: Primax 618 16x7 et 38 4x100

    Classified Archive
    Hey All, I had these on my old Integra and finally decided to clean them up and sell them. As the title states, they are 4x100, which will fit Civics, Integras, Mirages, Mk1 and II VWs (I think), and others. They are not in perfect condition, but they cleaned up pretty well. The tires are...
  17. FS: Another Set 16x7 Montreal B5 (in Chicago)

    Classified Archive
    I have a set of 16x7 Montreals that I want to sell. The rims are only about a year old and have newer General Exclaim UHP 205-55-16's on them (I'd say <7k on the tires). They were a set of summer tires that I had, and I traded in my Passat (with the other set of winter tires). I don't have...
  18. FS/FT: 16x7, Montreal, stock wheels B5

    Classified Archive
    I'm looking to sell my set of 16"x7" Montreals. They are 5x112. They have stock rubber with plenty of tread left. Normal wear and tear. In general the wheels are in great shape. I'll get some pics this weekend if anyone is interested. $200 PW price. I have 17" for this car and want to get some...
  19. DIY RS001 16X7 on my corrado

    Anything Auto
    My RS001 are finally assembled and test fitting it on the rado for any clearance issues. not going to rub the fenders