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  1. No boost past 10psi?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I got a t3/t4 setup on the aeb 1.8. i try to boost past 10 but not matter how much i crank my MBC, it wont go past 10psi. Im starting to think that i have a 10psi spring in my wastegate and thats whats keeping it there. any input?
  2. Tial Q BOV (Blow off Valve) -- Red Anodized 10psi Spring

    Parts For Sale
    For sale I've got a Tial Q Blow off Valve ** Red Anodized with 10psi spring. In used condition. Has some scratches from where it was mounted in my engine bay, but still works perfectly. Comes with V-band clamp, O-ring, and the valve itself. No flange included. Looking for $185 shipped. Only...
  3. Chipped AEB only boosts to 10psi

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hi, a couple months ago I got my 98 AEB passat chipped. However, I can only seem to get it to run at 10-11psi although it will go a little higher in 3rd gear but only under a lot of load, such as driving up a hill. I was told I should be peaking at like 17psi. I have been trying to figure this...
  4. Stock ECU, 12psi spike, 10psi hold?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Finally got the boost gauge hooked up yesterday and these were the readings I was getting. I did buy it used, but the previous owner didn't seem like a modder and never mentioned anything about chipping it. Besides, this is a 2001.5, aren't the only chips available 1 bar (15psi)? I guess I'll...
  5. Video of the hatch on 10psi, last time was 6psi...

    Anything Auto NEED QUICKTIME TO VIEW, RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS This is my stock internal LS turbo hatch on 10psi. Edit: Video is from 50-115mph and was done on a closed course.