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  1. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Have you noticed that the B5 forum has 101,000 threads vs 7,000 for the B6? B5 is older than B6, but there are 15 times more threads in B5 than B6. How many B5 VW sold in the U.S. vs B6? Why are B5 people more active here?
  2. B5 Information-Base
    in this thread: the OP stated he was trying to read some data off the CAN Bus in his car, a 98 B5 in the UK. I replied probably in a rude fashion (as I am wont to do on...
  3. WTB/WTT Section
    I would like a used or new combi valve, part #058 131 101 B, for my 2000 Passat 1.8t ATW.
  4. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Want to replace the pressure regulator valve, which on my 01.5 AWM is located on the main intake tube headed down to the turbo inlet. Mine is full of yellow goo. 06A129101A is no longer available. Anyone care to give me an updated part number? Is this the same as the 034 valve? Thanks for...
  5. Anything Auto video made in private driveway! not public!! ;) sorry for the low quality of the video... :angel::angel:
  6. B5 Information-Base
    First: This mod is not for the faint of heart. It's not that it's difficult, but it will try one's patience and skill. This is also totally driver personal preference. No one can see this mod, and no one would probably realize WTF you're talking about if you tried to tell them about it. My...
  7. The Showroom
    Here it is, wheel set number 4 for this car, not including the stock steelies. I know not nearly as crazy as many, but I am getting there ;) Wheels: Work Euroline DH (5x114.3) 19x8.5 et42 FRONT 19x9.5 et45 REAR Motorsport Technology 15mm adapters making final offsets et27 up front and et30 in...
1-8 of 44 Results