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  1. Help!!! My B5 GLX 03.5 Passat Wood grain...

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    Tiptronic shifter knob wont go back on!!!! I am stuck in my driveway. I missed an interview today cause of it. so I took it off in d3, the spring is in there tucked in, its a black plastic piece and the chrome plastic piece or metal? goes over it. I don't know what to do. All the guides show a...
  2. FS: Premium Bluetooth Module 5K0 035 730 D

    Parts For Sale
    Hi all - I've got my 5K0 035 730 D Premium Bluetooth Module for sale. It's just the module itself without harness or foam box. You can see it here: Let me know if you are interested asap and I will pull the auction. Ends soon!
  3. FS: OEM VW CD Player (1J0 035 119 B)

    Classified Archive
    I pulled this working OEM CD player out of my 2001.5 Passat because I put in a storage pocket I bought off this very forum (I use aux in with my mp3 player). It came with the car so it's been installed for 6 or so years. It comes with this spacer thing that I didn't need after I pulled it out...
  4. FS: VW GPS/AM/FM/Cellphone antenna - 1J0 035 507

    Classified Archive
    I have for sale a combination GPS/AM/FM/Cellphone antenna - VW P/N 1J0 035 057. It's never been mounted on a vehicle and looks great. Maybe you've been looking for a clean way to integrate a GPS antenna onto the car for your portable Nav. device? Make a reasonable offer (I have to figure this...