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bought used for $2000
Turbo blown
Vibration at high speed and braking.

Massive oil leak started about 6 months after purchase. Had dealer check out car for $50 and they came back with $4000 in repairs. Lol.
Said I needed valve cover and cam gaskets, oil pressure sensor, oil cooler gasket for starters. Turbo I knew was blown when purchased, straight up dude I bought from, but repair is like $1200. Add tiptronic switch at $1100 (part only!), brake light switch for inoperative cruise, labor, Ahh dealers, what a silly bunch. Vibration play in upper links drivers side, needs new rotors, brakes ok, but you know were taking off rotors so whats another $70?

Started with plugs and oil. Plugs $12 and 10 mins...use Mann Filter and Castrol 5W30...$30
Read a little and thought wise to only use VW fluids. Flushed power steering...$20 and 20 minutes. Coolant D12 and drain, fill, bleed, $20 and 30 minutes. Air filter $20...5 mins. Cabin filter...$15...another 5 minutes. New headlamp assemblies, wire was dried out and shorting blowing fuse. $100 for both...15 minutes. Oh yeah bought the Haynes manual for $20. (hey Im electronics dude not mechanical!) =O)

AC is good, heat good, a few blown vent lamps (why I came here to read how to get those frickin vents out :) NICE pics and writeup!!

Interior sucks...good condition but grimy door panels and roof cloth not so good, seats just rippled fabric but clean, no rips/burns/marks. Somebody before the seller treated her bad, like a work vehicle I guess, or they were just pigs. Plan on replacing interior cloth and seats with leather.

The oil leak was JUST the pressure sensor $11! Took like 5 mins. I did get the oil cooler gasket and relatively easy to get to (like this whole damn modular gorgeous bebes of a car!) The sensor just dripped all over and cooler was below...lost almost 2 qts a week for a while there. Bad...I know. Hey hot girlfriend what can I say. No time.

Wrench and maybe an hour to do cooler gasket, since it was hard to get the damn 24mm nut off (not exact size cant remember).

So no leaks, cleaned up, good fluids, tune up, etc. Gets 330 miles to the tank. I drive fast so far, so good.

Rims suck, VW original, guy put decent tires on so I bought Voxx brushed metal rims for $430 out the door. Free lifetime balance, rotation, etc.

Hood, bumper have body issues like somebody backed up a pickup on my poor girl. Go to Myrtle Beach, friend borrows MY CAR to go to conference leaves HIS X5 while I'm at the beach and racks MY car on a parking concrete pillar on the passenger side. Called it "a scratch." Mofo! Broken mirror, munched in door panel, trim on door. NICE. :(

Run insurance and get good deal from body shop friend to fix door, paint the bumper and all the crappy stuff. LOOKS GREAT! Make so called friend split deductible since I needed the other stuff done anyway. Dying to crash his BMW X5 now...mmmm hmmm.

Tackle vibration...not mechanical although could have handled it but big job, too much time, need jack, ramps, tools and then parts. Bite the bullet and let firestone do it. Replace all links left side, both front rotors, new pads, bleed and front end alignment. $900..ouch.

Nice job though, damn thing stops ona dime, no shake, give the guy $50 dinner gift certificates for good restaurant. Trying to figure out a way to contact him to snag him for side work. :) Dont want to get him in trouble so any ideas...pass them over .

Door handle passenger side breaks off. Car is a tank, but again treated bad by the nasty nasty inhuman person before. Dealer wants $45 for the handle only! Ugh. Since cloth not so great and ultimately leather changeover, start at front doors. Haaay buddaaay! Bought two used front door panels with leather! from for $58 each. Got polk component speakers for doors, replace panels, SONY head unit, two 10" Polk subs in sealed box in trunk. Only running 600W using two amps, ran power cable through ECU.

So at this point, car is all clean VW fluids, plugs, air filters. Vibration fixed, nice brakes, new rotors, driving nice, smooth. New door panels, replace interior lights all, only two vent lights out, dealer $7 a piece. Cleaned car, rims, sound, and painted looking mighty respectable. Looking for the leather seats.

OMG the fricking TURBO. I have driven the car now 1 yr without fixing it. LOW power 20-45 mpg and have to drop 3rd 4th gear hills REALLY sucks. Especially since i know this baby has been good to me and will just smoke with the extra power. I can get her to 110 mph and she maintains hwy speeds at my standard 80 mph driving daily so just sucks for hills and when you need instantaneous power. I read some stuff here...want to know who got good results with aftermarket (non-China made) turbos. DYING to fix it but cash flow issues. As you see my username D-WIFED means got divorced, paid just to get her out of the house, two kids, nutjob and finally FINALLY there is a god!! JUSTICE my man friends...cause in June 2012 after 2 yrs separated and 1 yr offically divorce, DENIED ALIMONY...DENIED ATTORNEY FEES...I was overpaying child support. Credited back. Support lowered to proper based on what I earn...I have kids one week, she other week, I kept the house so holy crap can I get some support? Judeg wiped away other order to pay ton of money. Just dismissed it. Custody stayed 50/50 bad, cuz she nuts but kiddies with me every other good now.

Turbo repair and and leather. All thats left!

Dang sorry, that was a book. OK, I love this car. Never loved any car before, think as i am not wealthy and WANT to own and love a Ferrari, Maserati, Lambo, NSX, brain just treats a car as a defense mechanism to not be miserable about not having a awesome machine!! Haha...weird!

I really have an affinity to this car though and want to bring her back to almost new...and think if I buy another its prob gonna be a VW...although dealer/service in USA leaves a lot ot be desired.

Looking forward to learning and sharing on the car so its time to give back, instead of just lurking on pages of the peeps here that have done some great work. Thanks for listening to my mad ramble.... send me turbo tips and links to leather seats. Stay single y'all!! =O)
1999 Volkswagen Passat (Silver)


All original but nice modular design, can easily get to and do stuff even if your not savvy. Need the turbo fixed dammit! All else cleaned up, maybe get some engine rebuild down the road after turbo done.
Installed sound system, two vent lamps, some cleaning, replace front door panels, thats it. Need to replace glove locking mechanism, center console (blah and cracked in rear) Front cup holder wont close, rear wtf were they doing to her anyway? CANNOT WAIT for leather seats and inside roof fixed!
Voxx brushed metal rims
Headlamps replaced
Painted all the bad stuff and blended looks really good.
Sony GT-7000HD
Two 10" Polk Subs sealed s/o enclosure
Some nitwit put 3 way speakers in the 6" doors and cut the tweeter line. Uggghh. Replaced with Polk 5250, five inch woofer, 1" tweeter component system...will duplicate in rear next month. Kicker 400W drives subs, crappy sony 200W drives 4 interior door speakers. Sounds the bomb now though. Rear speakers no idea but sound two way, again the dork cut the tweeter as he dumped in Rockford Fosgate.
Found they have shocks and struts can replace all 4 towers for $ issues yet, smooth ride. A nice to have down the road just based on age.
Wheel and Tire
Voxx MG-3 Silver Machined rims 15" they look awesome and really suit the car way better than those wagon wheel originals.

Yokohama (not a fan, came with) 195/65R15 AVID Touring. Dunno, seem ok no issues but I like Michelins. Down the road, nicer tires!


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