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General Information

Passat 2.8L V6 GLX 4Motion Wagon
Silvery grey
Leather, power group, sunroof, 6-CD changer, tiptronic shifting, wood grain dash and trim.
-Purchased from original owner at 130 000 km (80 000 miles).

-Currently at 209 000 km (130 000 miles).
Summertime daily driver/Family car (I bought a chevy silverado to take the winter beating and save my Passat!)
2002 Volkswagen Passat 2.8L V6 GLX 4Motion Wagon (Silvery grey)


All work done by me unless otherwise noted

-Replaced coolant temp sensor in March 2012

-Replaced alternator, timing belt, and tensioner pulley in April 2012

-New NGK spark plugs, new plug wires and PCV valve, along with fresh valve cover gaskets and CCT gaskets in June 2012 (this last work was done all at once by my mechanic, but they didn't replace the suction pump I provided because they said it wasn't for my car)

-Replaced the ignition coil pack July 2012 (Realized Feb 2013 it was actually faulty and put the original back in)

-Replaced the starter and vac lines July 2012

-Replaced the Fuel Pressure Regulator and new BOSCH spark plugs Feb 2013 (and swapped in the original ICP which was never bad in the first place)
-Euro Style headlight switch (Allows progressive selection of no lights, running lights, headlights, fog 1 and fog 2, as well as all of the above PLUS high-beams simultaneously! It also allows you to turn off ALL lights even while driving at night, which is stupid and I have not done it, but I could! Have not yet used the 2nd fog circuit)

-Colored cabin light lenses for a blue interior glow (theatrical lighting gel, no LED's)
-Blacked out tail lights

-Smoked black side marker lights

-Smoked turn signal lights with amber bulbs (stock lenses are amber front/red rear)
AM talk radio on the factory monsoon stereo and a mini disco ball hanging from the rear view mirror! Lol
-Replaced aging suspension with Febi-Bilstein control arms, sway bar links, tie rod ends (front only so far), replacing passenger CV joint and front bearings. (car is currently on jack stands, this work is in progress July 2012)

-Replaced Front and Rear brakes with BBS slotted rotors and Hawk Perforformance HPS pads (blue box)
Wheel and Tire
17" Klasse Wheels
Nitto Motivo Tires (highly recommended, they are awesome!)



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