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Bought my baby used (2 years old) with 40K miles on her (exactly.) Took her to the dealership the very next day and my new service adviser (who is now one of my best buddies) told me a got a gem in excellent condition.
Recently, I tried to let her go when I found out one of my previous mechanics took a major shortcut when he replaced my timing, serpentine, thermostat (etc.) I went to a Honda dealership, test drove an Accord, talked prices, etc., etc., and when I had so sign the papers saying I would leave Old Betsy there that same day, I started sobbing and couldn't stop. Needless to say... I still have her. <3 <3
Seems like a lot of drama for a car, I know... but she saved my life. Construction dump truck @ 65mph vs. Old Betsy at 55mph on a major highway...and I walked away from the accident without a scratch. She was in the shop for a month, but I walked away without a scratch.
She's 12, but she's still sexy! (Oh yeah, and when your 15 year old cousin looks at your car and says, "DAG CUZ, THIS CAR IS PIMP..." it kind of makes you feel good inside. Didn't know exactly what he meant, but he said not to worry... it was a very good compliment.) LOL
2000 Volkswagen Passat GLX (Navy)



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