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Passat GLX
Blue Anthracite
GLX V6 5 Speed manual
My Baby, I bought this car from a single man that owned it since new and only used it to drive 100 miles every weekend and very little day to day driving, the car basically spent its life in 5th gear on the highway. It was very lightly used because he almost never used to to carry any passengers or cargo, and never pushed the car hard when driving. He almost never pressed any buttons or used any features of the car there are almost no signs of wear what so ever on any of the cars interior components/buttons. the engine was so lightly used and was running flawlessly and quiet. When i purchased the car i replaced the timing belt and a few other components that i just replaced while the engine was all apart. The car runs flawlessly and smooth, and is all original and I don't plan to modify it in any way. I will definitely keep this car and treat it just like the previous owner did for as long as i possibly can!
2001 Volkswagen Passat GLX (Blue Anthracite)


i added a dension GW Lite BT, because i did not want to alter the look of the original radio and this gave me the bluetooth handsfree calling and the bluetooth audio i wanted without seeing anything but the original radio.



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