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Silverstone Gray
This car was first owned by someone working at the local sheriff's annex, who then sold it to my girlfriend's mother at around 76K miles. She then donated the car to me, probably because I made her so many beautiful grandchildren, at about 131K miles. I'm terrified by the amount of money this car is going to cost me, but I'm thrilled every time I turn the key.
2005 Volkswagen Passat (Silverstone Gray)


Extended battery cover from from some other VW. Not sure what from, but it's definitely not the right one.

Custom "vented" upper timing belt cover. One of my children decided to pry at it while I was looking under the hood, and a chunk broke off.

At some point, the transmission control module got water damage, so some creative mechanic replaced it with a rebuilt one, and then drilled a hole underneath so any excess water could drain out. I assume that he also installed some sort of one-way valve so that water could not enter through this new hole, right?

Otherwise stock.
Dime sized hole in the headliner because I missed the sunroof with my cigarette (jeez is that stuff flammable, last time I did that!).

Previous owner installed a drywall screw through the upper portion of the driver's side door grab to secure it to the door (brass finish!).

Otherwise stock.
Previous owner used a blue anti-skid rubber mat to wedge the side marker in place (custom!).

Otherwise stock.
Previous owner REALLY liked the how good her Monsoon head unit sounded, so she decided to take it out to put it in her '10 Rabbit. She didn't realize it had the factory amp. So, now I've got a half spliced in Dual(!) mechless head unit (single DIN), but I haven't coaxed any sound out of it yet.

Front door speakers removed for some reason.

Otherwise stock.
Wheel and Tire
Stock. Although, the sticker inside the door frame says that the original tire size is 17", but it has 15" tires right now. I'm not that well versed in the science of wheels, so maybe you can put a 15" tire on a wheel that originally had 17" tires, or maybe there's different wheels on it now, or maybe the sticker is wrong?


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