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B5 Wagon
This is a base model five speed B5 Wagon with a 1.8t. It

I have owed this car for about 2 weeks and it is trashed. The previous owner didn't do anything to this car except add oil and coolant since they were both leaking. The interior is filthy, the tires were bald and the front end is smashed from a low speed accident by the previous owner. It can only get better right?

I got it cheap and have put some money into fixing some of the leaks since I am not ready to tackle some of the big projects on my own yet. My local mechanic replaced the valve cover gasket as well as the coolant overflow and rear coolant flange. I will replace the oil filter when I change it this week along with the spark plugs. I have also purchased some stock wheels and tires off of craigslist to replace the bald tires that were on it when I bought it.

In a week I will be visiting my brother and picking up some additional parts from a guy near him (also craigslist) to fix the body issues. He also has some leather seats that I am going to swap.

My goal with this car is to have fun, cheap, reliable transportation as an everyday driver. I'd like to completely upgrade the interior and add a few mods to the engine and suspension. I don't see myself dropping it really low or getting super aggressive with the chip, but would like to bump the horsepower a bit (although it is already a huge upgrade from my auto TDI) and get the suspension nice and tight.
2000 Volkswagen B5 Wagon (Silver)


Stock 1.8t - like to add:
K&N oil filter
Drop In K&N air filter
Grey Cloth Seats - replacing with Black Leather. Replacing front door inserts with black upholstery. We'll see how the original stuff cleans up but I may need to do a full carpet replacement. I'd also like to do a 5.5 console swap.
None yet - I'm trying to get it back to decent shape. I'd like to upgrade to smoked Euro headlights and smoked taillights. Maybe a light tint and an upgrade on the antennae.
Stock - like to add a decent system that would handle bluetooth phone capability and charge/play for an mp3 player.
Stock - to add:
New Control Arms
Wheel and Tire
Stock 5 Spoke Rims and Steelies for winter use


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