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I purchase this vehicle and basically got stuck with a lemon. the transmission went out on it after two weeks of owning it and that was 5 years ago. I purchased it with a 100,000 miles. BIG MISTAKE, then after that i got rear ended and the bumper got replaced and later the alternator went out the hoses were not hooked up correctly and the front and back passenger windows no longer work.
2012 Volkswagen Passat (Black)


There is a new transmission, new alternator, new battery, New belts, hoses , spark plugs and some work was done to the engine. Currently theres a knoking or helicopter ish noise coming from near the front of the car by the alternator of radiator fan
The interior seats are leather and the back seat is in great condition. The passenger front seat is in great condition but the drivers seat has cracked severely from age and heat. The dash is clean and kept nice. there are two vents that are broken. The carpets are discolored to teh point to which i had them detail cleaned and they still looked dirty.
dent's, scraps, weird discoloration on the hood ad the drivers side mirror is broken and the mirror came off so i have rigged it with a smaller one until i can afford to get it a new one for $500. Also half of the grill fell off some time ago and both of the turn signal lights have fallen out. The VW emblem is missing on the trunk and as well as on the engine.
Theres a tape player and the 6 disc cd player in the trunk has worked ounce and only ounce,
On the drivers side tire theres a problem with the barring since i've owned the car
Wheel and Tire
All four tires are bran new and a bran new spare in the back The caps are still in the original consition. Logo and all.


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