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I love my W8! I have had so many cars over the years and this has been my favorite hands down without even having to think about it. I am sad to let it go, but I really want to sale so that someone else can experience it while it is in such great condition. Here is the rundown... 2004 W8 125k 6 Speed Manual! Nothing better than merging onto the interstate in this car, pulling out of 3rd and into 4th as you are nearing the end of the on ramp and pushing past 100 mph and the car isnt even working hard... it loves to perform with ease and show off! New tires this week, maybe 100 miles on them as of now. All the buttons and features. I purchased a warranty on the car a couple of years ago because I had heard nightmarish stories, and yes, it did pay off... I paid 2k for the warranty and shortly after the trans started to whine a little while in reverse. Took it to the dealer and :) they installed a brand new trans and clutch just to be safe.... I paid $0 for the $6000. repair bill lol... that is LOVE. Since then, the only other issue was the gas gauge stop working.... once again dealer serviced and replaced the fuel sending unit, an $800. repair and I paid nothing :) This warranty is transferable to the new owner and expires at 141K or in 23 months, the transfer fee us 50.00 unless you live in FL, and for some reason it is only 25.00.
2004 Volkswagen Passat (Black)


What can I say... clean, well maintained, and so much fun to take on the road.
Gray Leather and all the features you could want...all is factory and in working order except the rear cig lighter. I am sure it is an easy fix, but I have not looked into it because no one ever rides back there.
Black, Brand new tires, All and all it looks great, as you can see there are some small markings here and there... after all it has been out there for 11 years, but you would never know it, looks much newer.
Wheel and Tire
bought them this week to the tune of $400.00. There are some curbing marks on the rims... my bad :0


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