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Got the Passat in '05 with about 30k on the odometer and right when I got it, I started to get into tuning it a little. But about 3 years later, I lost the urge to tune. The bug's back though in 2012, and I have many plans for my Passat! Only 88k now and I know this car has lots of life left in it! I did get a scare a year ago when my Oil press light went off and I thought she was totalled from sludge, due mostly to my incompetence of not the greatest oil and way too long of intervals between changes. I got lucky, I had this website to walk me through some possible solutions, and now I am happy to say that I have driven an additional 15k without having any issues!!! AutoRx is a godsend IMO!!!

With that said, a couple of months ago I did the timing belt, includng a metal impeller water pump(orginal was in pieces in the block, kinda necessary to replace) and I just pulled the MAF and IAT and cleaned the crap out of them with the correct cleaners.

My next project is to change the vacuum lines out with the silicone hoses, and possibly tackle the PCV system, including adding the performance intake gasket on installation.

I would like to get an exhaust, suspension, and get the silicone turbo hoses, but those are not on the top of my list (right now) mostly due to the money. And possibly a FMIC if I can find one that works for the AWM. Oh and I'm very intriged by the Frankenturbo...:)

I can't tell you how much have learned from this site and I thank each and everyone of you guys/gals for your endless knowledge, pictures, DIY's, and of course, hilarious at times remarks to each other. I hope I can provide some insight to something now tha I have become a member.
2003 Volkswagen Passat (Silver)


The famed 1.8t AWM longitudinal
Forge diverter valve
Hopefully much more in the future when the $$ comes
Chromed Side Mirrors
Badgeless Chrome Grille
Chromed Door Handles
Wheel and Tire
18" Audi A8 chrome rims


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