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  • prolificV6 ·
    Hi V4, just wondering what kind of condition the stock front springs and shocks you have listed are in? Also, how much shipped to 80435? Sorry for no PM, but system hasn't verified my posts yet for some reason. You can use [email protected] if you'd like.
    buck01 ·
    Ok no prob I'm still interested i have the power fronts from an 03 5.5 but never got my airbags to work because the connection are different from the B5 hopefully your connections are the same if not i'll have to figure out how to get them connected correctly let me know when we can link up i see your in Queens Village i'm not far i'm in St. Albans. Oh your inbox is full
    VeeMike ·
    I connected with Andrew - 36spokes. He lost power for 12 days. How did you make out? You and family are safe I hope. Connect with me about doing a tranny swap on my AEB B5, for a fee of course. My down-the-street Audi/VW tech neighbor got a real job in Sept. so he's no longer availabe. If I'm going to pay someone +/- $600 I'd rather pay someone I know. My dealer wants $1,000 just swapping labor, no parts, no negotiating. Bastards. (203) 925-1800 ext. 1 (office desk); (203) 556-7676 (cell).
    dubbpassat ·
    have a b5 want to go with the low suspension and run 19 or 20 inch rims help
    pm me pls on what i will need and what ABOUT control arms in front uppers
    volksunited ·
    hey was try ing to get in contact with speeders about some parts but for some reason i cant post on the thread. I just need the passenger side fender can u let me know wats the deal with that thanks my email is [email protected]
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