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  • godsspeed ·
    Hey I was wondering if you could help me out a bit?

    Ive been searching and havent been able to find the 100% answers. Im looking to upgrade my interior lights.

    Here's what im looking to change.
    license plate bulbs (2)
    courtesy/step lights (4)
    the 2 lights by the handles for the rear seats
    and the 3 right by the rear view mirror

    now heres where im getting confused:
    the license plates lights are: #6418(sylvania) which is #3610(superbrightleds)
    the "step lights" are listed as both #2825 and #6418...which one?!
    what are the part# for the lights in the ceiling???

    the car is a 2000 Passat GLS.

    any guidance is much appreciated!! Thank you so much!
    (o_0) ·
    if you can tell me where to order the lower lip piece for the passat b5 it would b appreciated. the one by reiger???
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