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  • bigbea ·
    I'm looking a ft for my aeb. Would you recommend? 00kompressed has a tune that works for my car, with a mbc.*Would you advise me to steer clear and just get a k04 or gpop? Or did your issues stem from you tune? Any ad is you can give I'd appreciate itThanksRyan
    P1.8Twagon ·
    sup man. i see you posted a while ago your ET of your wheels.. to a guy asking about would this certain offset work. i have it flush on my b5 passat where its 18x8.5 final offset ET27, and 18x10 final offset 30... now for my b5.5 wagon i have, i was going to get these wheels that are 18x9 upfront & 18x10 in rear with a offset for both being 25. i'm wondering how bad would that be off..since i noticed you said you had 18x8.5 upfront in the pic you posted in the forum and your offset was 25 but the rim still seemed like it was inwards (not really flush, dont mean to offend you just saying) and your rear was flush but you said you have 9 or 9.5 wide wheel in the back what was the offset of that one? thank you
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