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  • tokeefe ·
    i need a 10 pt male tool for carlsson rims. found it but i can not contact member because i am new and need 5 posts. i have not driven my car since nov5 when i bought it.
    Manda1.8t ·
    First off I would like to say that this site is awesome!. It is so helpful and also a good place to get some ideas for my Passat. Now I dont meen to offend anyone in any way. I see that the site has celebrated it's 10 year anneversary, congrats!! I was wondering if you would consider changing the logo as a kind of anneversary thing. Now I have no idea the story behind the logo or anything and I know that I am new on here and I really have no position to be even asking this but, I am an aspiring graphic artist and if I never give things a shot I'll never get anywhere. Well whatever way you take this message good or bad I appreciate you reading it, if for some reason you do decide that you would like to change things up a bit I have done a couple logos for the site........Thanks Again....Amanda
    mark_proulx ·
    I recently posted an offer to donate my stock shocks/springs. When I posted it, I goofed and put it in the B5 garage instead of the Classifieds. (I don't know why the heck I didn't see "Classifieds," it was right in front of me.) Anyhow, someone moved the post to "Classifieds." I don't know who did this, but please convey my thanks for putting the post where it belongs. an immediate taker. The parts go outta here on Tuesday.
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