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  • ------TJ------ ·
    How are you ol internet friend. I am refreshing my B5 and thought of you. I have 68k on her now.... andhad the itch to buy a 10 cyl S6, but the monthly payment when I have a company car made no sense for 2 days out of the week. So I have decided to make this the best B5 I can.... it still looks sharp. Hope all is well, just wanted to say hi!
    Cityslicker ·
    I AM HAVING hard start troubles, I read an ancient post you had, with the same kind of issue. did you ever resolve that?
    why I'm pming you though is to get your advice on as fuel pressure gauge that I can get and be able to read in the cockpit. If you have any input I'd be grateful.
    dirtsnowskate83 ·
    hey Rusty, someone told me that you tuned the shit out of an AEB without chipping it? i was going to do the same, MBC with bigger injectors, but what kinds of problems did you run into?

    undagroundprofit13 ·
    hello there i was looking through the passat of the month section and noticed that your was in it and when i was looking at you car i noticed that you had a strut tower bar. where did you find yours b.c i would also like one as well.

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