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  1. OEM Monsoon - measured FR

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    As odd as it seems, that's actually pretty typical response for a 7" mid. It's actually has decent extension for its size but the overall response is very lumpy.
  2. Calling all High Output Alternator Owners

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    As jay said, you're almost NEVER going to pull 200A. I never upgraded the alternator in ANY of my cars and none ever had issues. If you're curious, look for pics of my variant. I promise you it was more involved that what you're looking at. Oh, and the speakers you're using are completely...
  3. Sub Set-Up

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    Ported enclosure are infinitely harder to do correctly once you start looking at oddly shaped fiberglass enclosures. Also, ported enclosures have FAR more internal pressure that a sealed box, especially at the tuning point. Lastly, ported enclosures unload the sub below the tuning frequency...
  4. Purchased B5.5 With Aftermarket installed...need assistance

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    There's no way to incorrectly wire the miss and tweeters since they're fed from the same single set of wires. It's likely a sound setting that is the source of your issues. As long as everything is in phase, and assuming nothing is blown, you should be in business.
  5. Looking for a new radio with a "factory" look?

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    I've never had to do that for any radio in either of my Passats, and I've had a LOT of radios in them. The New York is pretty sweet. I like the Toronto a lot too.
  6. Panasonic HU Install Help

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    Put the side brackets on the radio first. Then slide it into the sleeve to lock it in place.
  7. Prime location for GPS antenna - B6?

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    Before you do anything permanent, move it to the dash temporarily and make sure it works correctly that way first.
  8. Noise by the Ad-Blue Tank When Turning Off Car?

    Volkswagen Passat TDI Discussion
    Nope. My Golf doesn't have an AdBlue tank. ;)
  9. Anyone hearing any updates on 2012 passat?

    Volkswagen Passat TDI Discussion
    I wish I'd have ordered mine for two reasons. 1) Some old guy wouldn't have had to put 265 miles on it driving it from Houston and 2) I wouldn't have three (or five if the screws were that long) holes in the front bumper.
  10. Here is a loaded question what mileage can I expect...

    Volkswagen Passat TDI Discussion
    ^^^Average speed? In my '13 Golf TDI doing 75 in Texas (lots of small hills) I got 48 on the frewweay part between Shreveport, LA and Abilene, TX. Only have 1200 miles on the car at the end of the trip so it'll keep going up. Hell, I'm getting anywhere from 38-43 in town right now.
  11. Brakes rusted and super stuck - B5.5 was in 'storage' for 5 months.

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Grab some cutters or tin snips and get them off or it WILL leak.
  12. Have I used the wrong engine oil??!!!

    Volkswagen Passat TDI Discussion
    Relax. It's ONE liter, if that. If it REALLY bothers you, just change the oil. I don't know about the UK but I thought there was a sticker under the bonnet or an embossing on the oil cap with the proper weight listed.
  13. Here is a loaded question what mileage can I expect...

    Volkswagen Passat TDI Discussion
    I know someone that just got over 50 with a '12 Jetta TDI doing 80-85 MPH on the drive home from the dealership. A passat, being heavier, should see 50MPG but it'll be at lower speeds.
  14. The Last HOW TO Passat Deck install thread!! Thanks Darth!!!

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    You can run the amps and the antenna off of the radio and it won't hurt anything. What are you running to the 78X location? I hope it's not the amp power lead.