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  • steveleb ·

    Its time for the timming belt to be changed on the Passat. Give me a call at 972-979-6965 and we can work out the details. Assuming you still do some side jobs.


    chuckos ·

    When you replaced the passenger side, did you do it from under the car or from the top? I am guessing the driver side has to be done from the top after removing the resevoir. Please let me know.


    oakcliffralf ·
    How are you doing? Today I was driving, and my car told me to stop because the coolant temp was in the red. Do you think you can take a look at it maybe tomorrow?
    davispaul82 ·
    i need your help with the b5 transmission seal. Ive seen a few Writeups for the b5.5 and wanted to know if the part # are the same for both cars when it comes to replacing that DS transmission seal
    Dadof5arrows ·
    Hey Paul-
    I need to get a front end alignment (steering wheel pull & shoulder tire wear). Any recommendations? Know anything about V-Dub Folks‎ in Irving?
    jayjones72 ·
    Hi, I had a couple of ?s about tranny removal. I have a 2000 v6 passat.I read your write up and loved the pictures it helped me a bunch. first question do you have to remove subframe?It seems like it makes things a lot roomier,was it worth the extra work? I only have the starter and the 3 bolts on the flywheel to remove as well as the bottom bellhousing bolts then I should have it, so my next ? how it the world does that starter come out of there? sure isn't much room. and lastly what type of bolt is conecting the flywheel to the tc? I thank you for your time and all the great info on this site
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