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  • Jadcock ·
    I'm Jason
    Did you ever do a DIY writeup on the CCT gaskets for the V6?
    I have one leaky CCT on the passenger side rear making it blow smoke in my face when the climate control fan is on :(
    adrian537 ·
    i have a question about part number 3B0 951 171 D 7H7. so the dome lamp is actually a sensor for the alarm? i thought (from the internet pictures i've seen of it) the dome lamp had incandescent red leds such as the ones from roof dome lamp like the w8 dome lamp everyone upgrades to. i looked to purchase them to match my w8 sunroof dome lamp and found out that these rear lights are very expensive and until i read your page didn't know why they would be so expensive. 127.27 euro (not dollars) each
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