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  • bhodgkiss ·
    hi mate

    any chance you could send a couple of pics of the passat with the roof rails removed (and tape covering the holes) to [email protected] if you still have pics?

    know its an old post on the forum but thought it was worth asking :)

    Ben, UK
    sonnybk ·
    Hi pass-variant,

    Was just wondering if the write-up I did will ever make it to the info forum. The main reason why I have the pictures still hosted is to help people who may be doing the install and looking in the info forum for it. But if it's just going to be lost in the general forum (it's several pages in on the search), then I will need to take the pictures down.

    This is the thread I am talking about (it's the only fuel filter install with pictures):

    Let me know if it'll ever make it in there. Otherwise I need the room for some other pics on my photobucket account. A few mods already said it was going into the info forum when I posted it, but that was many months ago. I just wanted to help other people with the procedure when I saw there were no write-ups with pics...

    Thank you,
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