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    Karhooligan, there are a lot of head units out there that match that description, I know the Pioneer U310BT has fallen into the $200 range, and features Bluetooth and nav, although the screen is a bit on the small side for my tastes, you can definitely find a headunit with nav and Bluetooth for $300 or so.
    Karhooligan ·

    I recently purchased a Passat 2.0t with the Sport 2 package (baby on the way, so long Corvette)'s a beauty and has everything except navi/dyna/park assist/smart cruise. I know you mentioned last year that you know where a Passat compatible head unit could be found with navi/bt for a little over $300. Does this make true handsfree phone calls possible, or is everything still done through the phone (address book, incoming calls, etc.)? Can you point me in the right direction? Will this Pioneer unit you mentioned boost the sound of my Premium 7 (which already sounds great)? Thanks for any tips you may have... and yes, I will be chipping it. ;o)
    Cswimmer if you can't reach the airbox, disconnect the hoses that connect to it, and completely remove the top of the airbox. If you upgrade to the thin K&N panel filter, it is a lot easier to pass it in.
    cwswimmer5 ·
    I just read your write up on how to change the air filter and I removed the heat shield and the clips, but I can't get the box to open enough to get the air filter out. Is there any trick to this?
    terrilhough ·
    I have a 2002 Passat 1.8 that want start. Nothing happens when I try to crank her, no sound at all. Radio works, lights work and battery was checked and if perfect. Windows wont roll down and fuel door and hatch wont open. Im sorry to bother you but, Im at a loss and Im a single mom with no cash or time to spare. Do you have any clue what could be wrong. I just had a valve cover gasket replaced prior to this happening, itf that helps. PLEASE HELP ME :)
    @dnigro06 Sorry, I can't think of anyone that lives in CT that can help you out. Try checking the Eastern Members section of this forum to see which members live close to you.
    @ kwan 1104 Yes you can still get in on the ST GB. All the instructions are in the first post of that thread, your order ships as soon as you pay. (it may take a bit longer of they run out of stock)
    dnigro06 ·
    Do you know of any people around the Bristol, CT area that can look at this for me or give me better advice on what I should do about this oil tube and orange pieces that went through the tube and are now on the screen. I had a indicator light when I pressed on the gas to hard. I had to go through the gears real slow for the indicator to stay off and for the car not to bogg down.
    tamcobra, I would try and see if you can purchase an adaptor online. If that is unsuccesful, perhaps an automotive machine shop could make you a custom adaptor. I would check online first though, to avoid the hassle of trying to get a one off piece.
    Andyr783, I am not sure what the problem with your car is, however it definetly sounds like either you need new spark plugs, or something is wrong with your fuel system. Have you replaced the fuel filter? Are you sure your fuel pump works? Can you pull up the CEL codes? I reccomend posting up your problem in Club B5, so that everyone can see it and give you a hand with your problem.
    tamcobra ·
    Great faq! I purchased a rebuilt 1.8t (atw) for a 2000 passat manual trans but they sent me a engine for an auto. In your write up you states that an adaptor can be machined to accept a pilot bearing. Where can I find more info on getting this done?

    andyr783 ·
    i hope u can help- i have a 2002 passat gls 1.8t. was driving about 20 minutes came to a stop light and the car just stalled and would not start again. the check engine and epc light came on. i had new ignitions coils and the timing belt and water pump done at a wv dealer. picked up the car drove fine for about 20 minutes and when i came to a stop light the car died again. I had the car towed to my house. today it started fine there is no check engine or any other light on but the car runs for 20 to 25 minutes and just stalls . ehat do u think any ideas? they are telling me i may have to do an engine flush ? not sure what that really means . the car has 113k thank you
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