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  1. 2012 Passat

    Anything Auto
    Renderings from AutoMotor und Sport
  2. 2012 Passat

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    Production scheduled in Chattanooga, maybe VW thinks US clients will like Camaro look.
  3. 2012 Passat

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    First official VW release of 2012 Passat sketch
  4. In The Works: New Audi S4!

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    Ready to roll
  5. Tuned Maddness: Volkswagen Passat R36 Variant Styling Study

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    Wonderfull, even in stock shape estate is ten times more beautiful than sedan. :thumbup:
  6. Class Or Crass: Karmann Volkswagen Polo GTI Cabrio

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    Das ist uber crassung :thumbdown
  7. In The Works: Porsche Baby-Cayenne

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    Spied at N-ring, photos courtesy of Auto Motor und sport
  8. what need to change in order to get a lower RPM @ high speed

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    Just check what is your 5th gear ratio or final drive ratio and than compare it with other models of your car and their gear ratios, the one that will have lower number of gear ratio is for you. How much will cost to convert depends on is it MT or AT tranny and is it 4WD or 2WD, if 4WD than you...
  9. How to ID a 2005+ A6 as having Sport Package?

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    Via VIN #
  10. 99 Passat 2.8v6 Twin turbo install complete.

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    We want pics back :)
  11. Members Of The Lakota Sioux Nation Invoke Their Sovereign Independence

    The Black Hole
    Hi NYC, I am hear almost each day/night (depends from what side of Greenwich you are). SC is good, actually very good, with smaller pulley boosting 50% than PES recomends :). Mod,from quite few years ago.
  12. Members Of The Lakota Sioux Nation Invoke Their Sovereign Independence

    The Black Hole
    It is interesting fact that quite a lot of US governments supported and are supporting independance movements all over the World (Kosovo&Metokhya latest case) but in own yard not even think on something more than reservation. How does this should be considered?
  13. Long Anticipated E92 M3 Vs. Rs4 Drag Strip

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    Quattro does not help on straights, ofcourse M3 will be better.
  14. Passat Coupe teasers!

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    Would be good something like this..
  15. Render new Passat

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    Better looking than current one, IMO.