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  • acaimonster ·
    Thanks for the info... I wayyy overthought that one. As an engineer, I thought to myself: why have this support bracket here. Sure enough, they deleted it in the B5.5, like you said. You saved me quite a bit of searching, and glad my self-serve junkyard trip last weekend resulted in me finding other parts I needed, so it wasn't completely in vain.
    OEM++Variant ·
    Hey Dean posted this in B5 garage but maybe you know the answer?

    Well I've got my Hella HID lights in (euro switch, relay 173 pulled as well) and I have been searching re: the options for running my city light without success. Well sort of, I realize I have some options but here is what I would like to do.I want to run my city lights only in the the second position and not when I have low or high beams turned on but on 99's it seems this does not work. Anyone know why and what I have to change to make it work? Wouldn't mind if I had to use second position one pull. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Maybe someone has a wiring diagram showing where the connection is for the fogs in 3rd position one pull and how it could be rerouted to do the same in the second position one pull?.....?
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