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  • netken ·
    Hi MT - would u still hv any TC for sale ?
    "To carcraz, I was looking for $450 + shipping for the TC. As for it's holding capacity, Ty said something in the neighborhood of 500 HP. So it'll hold whatever the FT can dish out." appreciate if u can email me [email protected] or PM me. TQ.
    Jmacc ·
    Hey, i am interested inb picking up some t clamps from you. I am local so no need to worry about shipping.
    Mister T ·
    Yes, I have an upgraded TC but it's not a level 10 unit, it's from IPT trans. Whatever you do, DON'T buy from level 10 Here's why

    That warning aside, my TC works quite well. I've had it for about 15,000mi and I run up to 300 ft/lb through it and it's never de-locked on me yet (knock on wood). I've also drained the fluid during that time and there was no burning.

    Other than that my trans is stock. If I wasn't planning on going manual at some point then I would be looking at upgrading the valve bodies as well. Are you planning on going BT? If so, make sure you upgrade at least the TC, and if the funds allow for it, the valve bodies as well.

    I know it seems pricey ($695+install for the TC and $795 for the valve bodies) but if you blow your transmission, it'll cost about $3000-$4000 just to get it rebuilt.
    99passatturbo ·
    I thought I read on one of your posts that you have a level 10 TC on your 1.8t Tip? I was wondering how it works for you and if your trany is otherwise stock?
    Joshs04Passat ·
    Hey Mister T
    I heard you have a AEM True Boost. I was wondering how you like it.
    I am looking to install that on my 04 1.8T. Any recomendations??
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