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  • JudoMcl ·
    I am new to this board, as well as, boards in general. So, I hope I do this the right way. Thanks for having me.

    My Passat 03 V6 GLX ATQ O2 sensor was broken off with road trash. Immediately, power dropped, cruise control stopped working and EPC showed on dash. Tested for codes. I tested the remaining O2 sensors for proper functionality. Found I had needed the other rear 02 sensor that was not broken off. I tested the wiring from all four O2 sensors to the ECM for continuity and shorts, tested the wiring to the throttle position sensor for continuity and shorts since I had code P2128. Found no voltage to the throttle position sensor. I had the ECM repaired. Now I still have codes P2128, P0138, P0158,P0141 and P161. What do I need to check now? Is there some other sensor connected with the o2 sensors and throttle position sensors that I should be evaluating? Maybe the throttle position actuator? If so, how do I evaluate that sensor for proper operation. Thanks,
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