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  1. Passat W8 suspension

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    I have a full set of W8 springs and shocks that came off my car with less than 20k miles on them. I upgraded to KW v2's and they have been sitting in my garage since. I also have the original W8 grill that I replaced with an aftermarket one.
  2. 2002 passat W8 tiptronic

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    bump for a super clean car. I have the original W8 manual, the bently CD, a W8 specific VHS tape from VW and the originla window sticker I would hate to sell this car to the dealership and to someone who doesn't care about it.
  3. 2002 passat W8 tiptronic

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    This car is my baby, and I treat it as such. It breaks my heart to have to sell the car, but I take the metro everyday now, and I do not have a need for a second car any more. I really want this car to go to a good home so I am asking for $11,000 obo. This car has been owned and driven by me...
  4. Just got a chip. Yay! Now, how do I put it on?

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    the wetterauer chip is socketed ... you need the ECU socketed as well. Once the ecu is socketed the chips "snap" on and off
  5. “Stop. Brake Fault. Check Service Manual.”

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    I had that message once when I just needed front pads, check your pads to make sure
  6. brake pads for w8

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    i love my PBR Axxis ultimate pads, they are very dusty though check out also for a w8 specific forum
  7. Performance Camshaft

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    just get a PES supercharger much cheaper and easier
  8. W8 slotted/cross-drilled rotors

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    I was searching on Ebay for anything W8 and found this website. I called them to ask how they are made and they said basically they buy OEM rotors and send them out for coating and then put them on their CNC machines to create the pattern. I know that this is...
  9. battery drains in 1-2 days HELP!

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    i had this same problem. my problem came about 6 months after I had a lot of water leak into my car. Basically, the water leaked and corroded some the wires going to the TCU under the passengers carpet shorting the power to the frame. good luck with this
  10. mid-rise lift

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    I can always drive up on wood to get the extra inch clearance
  11. mid-rise lift

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    I'm thinking about getting something similar to this. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with anything like it. With my car so low it is a pain to get the car on four jack stands. This seems really slick and easy to use. Let me know...
  12. [pic] do we have a metal cross beam behind the tach like that?

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    what is that cross beam supose to do and why do you want it. It looks like a crush tube for an accident, but in the wrong place for that. Is it a frame strenghtener so that the car flexs less?
  13. W8 Newbie question

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    the easiest way to check is to clear the codes and see if they come back. I know that W8's have had problems with the torque converter and the torque converter not locking up, but not sure the exact code also, go to for an all w8 forum
  14. FS/FT: B5.5 Sedan Roof Rack Carrier Bars

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    pmed. Let me know because I want to get this done
  15. FS: VW (thule) load bars and bike rack

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    are these still available because I am very interested and might be able to locally pick up