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  • Smokey24 ·
    BUYERS BE AWARE!!!!!! SCAMMER!!!! Gave him 1,550$ for a gt28r Turbo kit and he took the money and changed his phone number!!! Little punk ass. Do not buy from this Guy. Personally I wouldn't even sell anything to him. Anyone that's gonna rip off a fellow VW'er should get any kind of deals. Charge him double. Get some of that money back he stole from me.
    ooleya ·
    trying to get ahold of you and make a deal.wanna get up there soon as possible maybe tomorrow if you get this and we make a deal. contact me at 812-821-4073. thanks Aaron
    BlueBayou ·
    So over a month after your message, I'll respond with "Yeah, I use this part of the site all the time...." lol I really don't, but it's nice to be able to access some of you guys quickly and send PM's.
    Jayson13f ·
    sorry, the sides are not made anymore. Thats why my car is so popular, because I have 2400 $$$ in that stuff and I was among the lst few ppl to get the whole kit. Ill look around to see if I can help u part some of the parts 2gether.
    VG05 ·
    hey names vince...aka total noob

    I got a black b5.5 sedan like yours
    cept i have stock body parts.
    can you send me links to where I can get ones similar to yours. especially your sides?
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