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  1. handgun recommendations

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    Best time of year; right when they are fattening up to pull Santa around.
  2. handgun recommendations

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    Well, a better trigger can help if you are not pressing the trigger properly, but not as much as pressing the trigger properly. That is one bad thing about Glocks; the original sights almost require that you replace the immediately. Both of mine have night sights on them. The replacements are...
  3. handgun recommendations

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    Nice pistol. I really like the feel of the M&P. I bought my semi-auto before Apex came out with trigger upgrades were out, so I went Glock since I liked the factory trigger much better. I now have a 21SF and a 19 Gen3 RTF2. I love the 19, becoming a favorite.
  4. The most beautiful woman in the world, check her out

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    The one I have been waiting for....
  5. handgun recommendations

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    Afraid it's going to melt?? :P
  6. Christmas 2011 -- Birth of a New Tradition

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    Great ideas, Bullit. I will definitely keep your post in mind as I do my shopping.
  7. Let's talk about carpet cleaning services

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    If you need it again: Drynamic Carpet I have used him (Wayne) twice with great results. Saved the replacement of 600sf worth of white carpet in my basement.
  8. Your newest purchase (non Passat content only)

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    Nice buy! I'll get one of those... one day. :thumbup:
  9. Valvoline SynPower 5W-40 $29.99 Free Shipping

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    Thanks, just ordered some 5W-30 for the truck.
  10. 1999 B5 Headlights

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  11. Your newest purchase (non Passat content only)

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    The TLR-2 and TLR-2s models includes a laser. The TLR-1s (model with strobe and about 25 lumen brighter) that I got came with inserts to allow fitment to the Glock rail, 1913 and some other rail types. My 21SF has a 1913 rail on it. What I really like about this light is at distances of 20' and...
  12. Your newest purchase (non Passat content only)

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    Nice glass!! :thumbup: My latest purchase: Works very well on my G21SF.
  13. 1999 B5 Headlights

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    (1) pair of headlights from a 1999 B5 They have been boxed up for years; they were take-offs from my car when I got projectors. I don't have any pictures, but if anyone is interested, I can unbox them and send out some pics. SPF Payment via cash, money order or personal check. For a personal...
  14. Craftsman Drill Maintenance

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    Even if they did replace power tools, this would be a terrible idea. Those old tools were much better made than the garbage power tools of today with Craftsman's label. Bill, post of a picture of your drill if you don't mind. I inherited an old craftsman jig saw from the same era as your...