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  1. FS: MISC B5/5.5 stuff, rear sway. GA

    Parts For Sale
    Up. Swaybar sold!
  2. FS: MISC B5/5.5 stuff, rear sway. GA

    Parts For Sale
    It's pretty heavy. Would be the bar wrapped up then the other things in a box. Would do $150 plus ship. No clue on how much, I picked up in person from a guy.
  3. FS: MISC B5/5.5 stuff, rear sway. GA

    Parts For Sale
    I still have these things! My parents said they need to get out of their house since I haven't lived there in a while...
  4. Goodbye VW, for now

    Anything Auto
    Yeah I do wish they would have updated it some since this generation came out (3 blink blinker, blind spot indicator on the side view mirrors, a 6speed (better MPG only)) I got a 2018, it has the same interior as the 2011 models. I got the SR5 Premium 4x4. So leather, headed seats, sunroof...
  5. Goodbye VW, for now

    Anything Auto
    End of a chapter for now. I have exclusively driven VWs since I was 16 (all Passat's and 1 CC). I'm sure I'll be back when VW makes a better big SUV (service guy said stay away from the Atlas for now) or for the Arteon! I'll miss the good ole days of ClubB5!! Switched to a Toyota 4Runner...
  6. Anyone live around Atlanta area

    USA - South
    Yeah PW kinda died down a bit. DurtyDubs on FB does a good bit of meet ups.
  7. Tires, 245/40/19

    Volkswagen Passat CC Discussion
    I hardly ever get on here. Yeah the only thing I have found is a slight scrub if I turn the wheels all the way to the right/ left. I'm happy with them! Ended up going with Continental
  8. FS: Brake rotors/pads, CC, in Atlanta GA.

    Parts For Sale
    All was ordered from ECS by previous buyer (380+ shipping new). I was going to put on my 2011 CC, 5x112, decided not to. All brand new. $330 Meet in Norcross or Peachtree Corners. Front slotted and cross drilled rotors Rear plain rotors Plain rear brake pads GreenStuff Performance front...
  9. Tires, 245/40/19

    Volkswagen Passat CC Discussion
    Here's how they look, fill up the wheel well a bit more. I hear some slight scrubbing on real sharp turns and the rears are pretty close to the wheel well covers. But it does ride smoother!
  10. Tires, 245/40/19

    Volkswagen Passat CC Discussion
    I'm having to buy new tires after my alignment is out, a bent wheel and 30k+ miles since my purchase of it. 2011 CC Lux I'm going with the 245/40/19 to try and help protect my wheels a bit more, VW Sagitta 19''. Anyone have good luck with running a bigger tire? I'm hoping that it will help...
  11. "Older" Passats, forgottens

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    Some inspiration for the newer folks
  12. "the Nexus project" b5.5 Passat

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    Love the look. Like that the windows are not tinted. Some cars just look better without.
  13. 15 year old reborn

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    Very clean, I still love seeing a B5 in great condition, OEM or modified.
  14. The Official Great Deal/Free Stuff/Coupons Thread!

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    Requested the glasses!
  15. Ty Ansley- Habersham, GA

    USA - South
    Selling the 03 B5.5 with 175k+ miles Bought a 2011 CC Lux Limited 2.0t with 45k miles. Love it so far!