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  • CWorthington ·
    gerwazy has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space

    trying to pm you my number for shift knob if you still have it.
    SMT3621 ·
    I can do $215 shipped. Didnt get as much back in taxes as I had anticipated. I don't mean to "lowball" but that's the best I can offer at this time. Thanks for the quick reply.
    Mikehawk ·
    how hard is it to wire up that auto dim mirror you got? That would be sweet too. or just that black mirror you have.
    OEM++Variant ·
    Hey Jack: Are you coming to visit your parents any time soon? I think I would be in to picking up those half tint tails from you. I haven't got anything for the car for a while I think it needs a treat=-)
    W8vdubgirl87 ·
    Hello there. I am new to the forum and was looking trough POTM and seen your VW. I recently purchased a wagon myself and yuour mods and what you have done are great!!! I am hoping befriending you will be a great honor and be very helpful in the future if I even need help with mods or fixes as I am still learning about VWs myself. lol.... Hope to see you on the forum... Sami
    95RADOVR6 ·
    Do you have any roof spoilers left for a B5.5 Wagon? The Votex one? Or know where I can source one? I know they have been discontinued. But maybe you know of a secret stash somewhere.
    tripleb36 ·
    do you want to buy these net optic pieces from me? If not then why are u hijacking my thread? I just fit the piece on my 2002 B5.5 and it fits perfect.
    frusurf ·
    Hey its all good, I know whats it like to have too much going on at one time. I did have a question about a recent purchase i made on some headlights. I got them from parts4euros which i got off of this forum. They are I received them late, not the hazards only the blinkers blink fast and the adjustment knobs feel like they are going to break and the driver side lamp is actually hitting the inside lens. I am beyond frustrated with and was wondering if you had any advice, opinions on this matter. I have already contacted the website and am waiting for a response. thanks for any feed back.
    frusurf ·
    Hey i tried to post a reply to your passat of the month thread. again congrats. I am brand new to pw and new and first time owner of a 03 vw passat wagon gl 1.8t. I am in the belmar, nj area. hoping to be able to keep in touch so that one day my wagon will look as good as yours, or close to it. lol.
    Tj Vitz ·
    hey uhm one of my guys from my local vw club told me you could get your hands on some black euro mouldings for a b5.5. is that true?
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