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  1. FS: VW Trek bike attachments

    Parts For Sale
    I have 2 of the VW Trek bike attachments for an OEM rack. Both with working locks and keys. Prefer local meet up in Nashville area. Asking price is $150 Thanks!
  2. FS: Votex roof rack and 2 bike trays

    Parts For Sale
    Not sure on the width but Ill measure it out for you this weekend. I believe I picked mine up on ebay. It's rather large...but I preferred the look to the smaller ones. Bars SOLD. Bike trays still available. Say.....$60 each plus shipping or $50 each picked up in (or around) Nashville.
  3. FS: Votex roof rack and 2 bike trays

    Parts For Sale
    A pic on my B5 ***Thule fairing not included. It's stickered up now anyways and a new one can be had for ~$40
  4. FS: Votex roof rack and 2 bike trays

    Parts For Sale
    Votex roof bars with keys and allen torque wrench 2 Trek bike trays with keys $225 + shipping or $200 picked up in Nashville
  5. 2000 GLS 1.8t........sad day.

    Vehicles For Sale
    This just sold.:cry:
  6. 2000 GLS 1.8t........sad day.

    Vehicles For Sale is UUC
  7. 2000 GLS 1.8t........sad day.

    Vehicles For Sale
    Thanks....and yes it is. A couple older pics while Im reminiscing...
  8. 2000 GLS 1.8t........sad day.

    Vehicles For Sale
    Bump.... This would make a great, cheap parts car! If you have the time to part out, you could make money on this!! Willing to listen to offers.
  9. 2000 GLS 1.8t........sad day.

    Vehicles For Sale
    Well, it pains me to do so, but the Passat needs someone with a gentle touch and more time to pay attention to it. I've owned this car since Aug 2001 and we've been through a lot. It has been an amazing vehicle but I no longer have the time to dedicate to a 12 year old car...and it needs some...
  10. My new toy :) 1997 Toyota Supra Turbo

    Anything Auto
    Beautiful. Someone really loved that. I'm willing to bet a tear or two were shed by the previous owner. Enjoy! and you better get an adjustable, carbon-fiber wing for downforce. Or NOS. Gotta have NOS.
  11. Need 3rd Row seating, not enough mula for Euro, so Mazda CX-9 awd? Pls. HELP!!!

    Anything Auto
    Sooooo, have you decided to sell the wagon yet?!:poke: My B5 just called it quits after 13 years of proud ownership.:cry: I'm on the hunt for a 5.5 Wagon and yours sure is purdy! And because I'm a nice guy (and have been around since this was ClubB5), I'll let you hang onto the VZ's......I...
  12. How To Preserve Old Dollar Bill?

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    I have been collecting higher end art work for a few years now. Storage and display materials are more important than anything when it comes to maintaining the value/appearance of works on paper. Your dollar bill is no different. For starters, it appears that your dollar is flush with the place...
  13. As if the banner ads weren't enough!?!?

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    This sums up how I feel(aside from the Vortex....never again!) Ive been a member since this was ClubB5. I guess thats almost 10 years now. This update has me ready to pack my things go. After reading the past few pages of responses, my eyes are burning. From what I can make out in my blinded...
  14. Your newest purchase (non Passat content only)

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    That M1 is a beaut t0kie! A buddy has one and they are a blast to shoot.